Celia R
Jun 11 2017

That’s how I felt. It looks cool to me, just not what I want from them.

May 24 2017

Based on your description I can only imagine one possible application for this behemoth - storing the Machine while fleeing from Samaritan. (Yes, I still miss Person of Interest dammit!)

Feb 21 2017

They finally figured out that the armored bikini goes UNDER the clothes.

Jan 20 2017

But in an e-mail, he noted that this interpretation could be reductive. Genre and gaming motivation don’t explain gender breakdown with complete accuracy. 

This is really important, to remember that when we’re talking about genders in aggregate none of the information actually applies to the individual. This is Read more

Nov 18 2016

Man, people sure have a strange way of expressing their economic insecurity.

Oct 21 2016

I am at a point where if I see the letters S, J, and W being used together unironically, then I read it as a handy shortcut to not waste an ounce of energy on the poster. Read more

Aug 17 2016

I also want to recommend Chainmail Bikini: the Anthology of Women Gamers. It’s a collected work that features autobiographical rememberances and fictional stories form dozens of female writers and artists, all centered on the important role that gaming has played in their lives. It’s less than $15 on Amazon and Kotaku

Aug 6 2016

They’re the Pokemon that can learn Crush three times.