Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

Calia, the beastmaster ranger Drow.

Too late. He’s been making appearances on Fox and The Daily Wire for a few years now. Read more

Iron Bull romance is best romance Read more

Agreed. The camera pull totally took me out of the moment.  Read more

The Iron Bull/Dorian starting up is not something the player opts into. Hearing about his past relationships and the issues with his father are also not player initiated. The camera zooming way out is an issue. We can both celebrate the step while acknowledging it doesn’t it their relationship full justice the way it Read more

Dragon Age Inquisition. Dorian not only gets to have a serious talk about homophobia with his father, but he can be romanced by the Inquisitor or Iron Bull depending on how you play. But either way his gayness is front and center, not stereotypical, and examined in-game regardless of romancing him or not. And he's a Read more

Nope. It was a mess. Nothing like the Interview revamp. Read more

It is. When the cannibalism begins is one of the big mysteries and important to anyone who does watch so the headline is a big spoiler for those who haven't seen the ep yet.  Read more

But that would muddy the reference... Read more

You clearly don't know any kids if you think this.  Read more

Brendan isn't being ungrateful. He was assaulted by the former head of the HFPA. You know...the people who run The Globes... Read more

Yikes, yeah. Sorry about that. It's very normal to not know that.  Read more

Fashion shows are too short to have those lulls. No intermission. It would have been a big disruption. Read more

It has a very different ending in the game. This was more beautiful. Though I loved the game letters too. Read more

Hahahahahaha omg you're so mad! Hahahaha Read more

Hahaha so angry!! Yes, you did say that. Shhh calm it's gonna be oookaaaay Read more

I'm not a fan of her method so you're barking up the wrong tree there. But it is absurd to pretend she stole her practices from a dumb sitcom and that's all she ever did.  Read more

You think that show invented that concept and that's the totality of what she says haha?  Read more

What difference would that make? He didn't say in his Vice interview and Kotaku didn't interview him (he didn't respond to their question request either).  Read more