Jul 18 2017

They filed for a trademark, not a patent. There is a huge difference. Amazon simply filed a trademark for whatever they will call their food service.

Jun 22 2017

Can we stop trying to make augmented reality happen? Because I’m sure as hell not going to go jumping around like a lunatic in public like that.

Jun 7 2017

I’m sorry, how difficult is it to notice the road is wet? I’ve never been driving along and suddenly BOOM, soaked road with no warning. Can we please stop trying to make driving idiot proof and actually require a small amount of responsibility on the driver’s end? Between blind spot monitors, automatic brakes, lane Read more

Mar 13 2017

Everyone knows that “R” is for race mode. Selecting it simply enables the race gears in your transmission, hence the louder more awesome noise.

Dec 13 2016

They make might fine race cars too. Especially when you put 254k road miles on them first.

Dec 8 2016

You are far from the only one. Someone gave me a portable handheld FM radio in elementary school. Took that sucker completely apart. Even managed to put it together again and it worked. It’s a sickness that doesn’t go away. The first time I opened an engine I was in heaven.

Sep 27 2016

Two of my favorites I took by accident. Both were in colorado for the annual Lotus Owners Gathering in 2015. The first I just free held the camera inside an old lotus race car trying to get the steering wheel. For some reason I love the photo that actually came out.

Sep 21 2016

Crash survivability is all about energy that needs to be dissipated and how you dissipate it. Honestly that heli did not hit the water moving that fast. The initial hit and skid on the water took care of most of the engery, and then the roll and flop took care of the rest. As long as they were belted in that was a Read more

Sep 20 2016

Dude, if you know your car, swapping is easy. I could have the engine out of my old Lemons car in an hour with no help. We did a track side swap that included moving a lot of parts to the new engine and letting everything cool in about 5 hours. I’ve seen teams swap out a busted engine and get back on track in less Read more

Aug 25 2016

You have no idea how many people say that, and then don’t follow up. I made a set of lamps out of motorcycle parts (disk rotors, transmission gears, shocks, etc). One I gave to my brother, one I managed to sell, the other is in my living room. And this was after about 10 people said exactly the same thing.

Aug 24 2016

I make stuff. That’s the first crank I ever abused past the point of repair in my lemons car.

Aug 11 2016

I knew there was at least one sane writer on this site. Down with the Miata. Bring on the interesting cars.

Jul 8 2016

Every pokestop or gym is just a re-purposed prexisting portal from ingress. Tons of portals were created in graveyards for ingress, so expect them in pokemon go.

If you want a map of all the stops and gyms in pokemon go, go use the ingress intel map. ingress.com/intel

Jul 5 2016

I hope they get the rest right. They’re still trying too hard to be the old show, which they can’t do. Kill the stig and give that role to Sabine. She always seems like she’s playing along with jokes but doesn’t actually understand them. She’d be good for giving blunt honest evaluations of cars. Get Harris, Reid, and Read more

Jun 17 2016

As much as I want to, I can’t stay up for the whole thing. It just ruins me for a few days if I do. But i’ll watch every second I can from 9am tomorrow through roughly 1am. Then I’ll be up early and listening to radio Le Man as I drive down to my parents for fathers day.

My tickets to the Ford Hype Train are purchased Read more

Jun 2 2016

Even in racing there are people who can’t grasp the concept of turning on your lights in inclement weather.

Jun 1 2016

That’s what i expect to see here. A large percentage of the fanbase that stops watching and declares “it’s terrible and irredeemable” without giving it a further shot. Give it a season to figure itself out.

Jun 1 2016

How quickly we forget the hatred that poured forth for Top Gear USA in it’s first season.

May 9 2016

Fine if you use any of that. But if you’re like me and think that talking at your phone is stupid, you have to access the finger print reader to unlock (or use a backup password). Just pointing out that using that location has downsides.