Feb 27 2017

Good review. A lot of folks complain that it slows down the game, but you gotta take the time and make the right call.

Feb 16 2017

You only think you’re a dumbass until you go home, realize you received a Switch, and start recording it only to somehow wind up a few hours in the past where you decide to post it.

Jan 20 2017

As Kramer would say, he’s “just a mischievous, rambunctious kid”. Cut him some slack.

Jan 5 2017

This is so fucking cool. This is such a dark, empty, lonely game at times...being wrenched out like that must have been genuinely terrifying

Dec 6 2016

Neither the Thunderbolt or the Jack Rabbit from Kennywood in Pittsburgh are on his list. I don’t have the game, but I’m hoping that’s more because both are wooden coasters rather than because he enjoys bland six flags rides.

Aug 17 2016

Their fireworks patents alone are massive, pretty much every development in modern ones is their property.

Aug 12 2016

Favorite moments of the PS3 generation #28 - When the transition cutscene fades into the final, massive airport shootout with the HEALTH song used in the trailers and ads blasting underneath it.

Max Payne 3 was awesome.

This video shows the transition...

Aug 5 2016

Damn he better get rid of the pink ones quick before the commish’ catches wind of this.

Aug 5 2016

Goodell quickly noted that as it was not Williams’ birthday month, such decorations were a violation of NFL protocol. He fined Williams $10,000, saying Williams is allowed to celebrate in the appropriate month, as long as it is in a way that may be monetized by the NFL. Goodell wished Williams well and said to say Read more

Jul 17 2016

Watch the moment he realizes Justice has been served.

Jun 30 2016

When Pokemon Go makes you travel far into the unknown and then your phone battery (and your gps) died... Read more

Jun 10 2016

All the sites have done great reporting. The investigative reporters at Deadspin who reported on Greg Hardy and Kevin Johnson, for example, are an inspiration to our news team. Jezebel has been doing some great politics coverage. Gawker got people talking about the allegations against Bill Cosby before that became a Read more