Jul 8 2017

Thank Jesus he wasn’t wearing leggings though!!!

Jun 28 2017

“In this movie, I play a nice innocent guy who likes to drive but gets mixed up with bad boys and pulled into bad stuff by Kevin Spacey. Because of tax breaks, we filmed in Atlanta. Atlanta’s nice but has different vibes. New York is the tops of everything.

Jun 23 2017

I’m currently sitting in a public place trying not to go into a full fucking hulk rage after reading this idiot juror’s thoughts. Dozens and dozens of women with the same story but noooooooooo this slut was askin for it. MEN ARE THE WORST LETS RID OURSELVES OF ALL OF THEM

Jun 21 2017

I love all things Star Wars and have absolutely zero interest in this film. I have no idea if I’m alone in this or weird for it. I just don’t feel like there’s a need for it and can only see it making me not like Han Solo.

Feb 19 2017

One time I was on 6AM flight and the dude sitting next to me ate a can of tuna fish and three hard boiled eggs for breakfast. That definitely deserved having the cops called.

Feb 19 2017

Dear homophobes, racists, sexist, and xenophobes: it is not the job of everyone else in the world who is not like you to erase their identities just so you can remain “comfortable.” Get over yourselves.

Feb 19 2017

Agreed. The only thing Lindsay has ever done was be exploited and pimped out as an underage girl/child by her mother and the entertainment industry. People should be rallying around her. She was abused as a child.

Feb 19 2017

Why do people love to hate Lindsay Lohan so much? What am I missing?

I’m asking honestly. I don’t remember her doing anything egregious, but then again, I wasn’t exactly paying attention to early-2000s celebrity hijinks.

Feb 19 2017

I always thought the best stranger to sit next to on a plane was one that fell asleep and didn’t’ actively bother you. Trying to imagine calling the cops on my row mate for sleeping and not bothering me.

Jan 27 2017

I’m looking forward to 4 years of anti-crashers. I’d love a steady stream of celebs and politicians who get themselves invited to Trump WH events and then don’t go, but post about it on social media, or do something else the same night like protest or fund raise for the resistance.

Dec 15 2016

Just as absurd as a virgin birth, walking on water, multiplying fish and loaves of bread, transubstantiation, and rising from the dead in my opinion. Religions are absurd.

Nov 11 2016

Anybody else been gassy? I was so gassy at work yesterday that when some guy was being a colossal douche I would pass by him and quietly cropdust him. Seriously I did it at least four times over the course of a day. Read more

Oct 31 2016

So the guy perpetrates the violence and then blames the woman for not preventing it? (Checks all of human history.) YUP! CHECKS OUT!