10:24 AM

True. But while other teams have lucked into drafting QBs, the Browns have perfected the art of not knowing what they are doing.

10:13 AM

Maybe we’re reading too much into this, and the simple answer is the correct answer: the Browns don’t know what the fuck they’re doing and this is further evidence of it.

8:40 AM

That’s the thing, fashion is racist as shit, but that had nothing to do with the way his collection was received. It was ugly because he is a shitty designer with ugly aesthetics. everything he touches turns to shit now.

12:27 AM

Couldn’t agree more. Personally, I’ve always thought that Kanye’s music was PEDESTRIAN AT BEST AND HE’S ALWAYS BEEN OVERRATED. There, I said it. Unless someone told me it was a Kanye song, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish it from other crap. He’s been coasting on a few good songs for too long for people to put up Read more

12:54 PM

Valhalla only accepts people with heroic deaths. Is riding in an Uber or being hit by one worthy of a hero’s death? Read more

7:55 PM

By ‘manipulated,’ I mean that he was clearly practiced at molesting girls while their actual parents were in the room, so the fact that she was present may not have meant that she was aware of what was happening. If she was aware and did nothing, then hell yes, complicit all the way, as an adult.

7:30 PM

It seems very similar to teachers who work in private schools and molest children. They usually end up leaving one institution (voluntarily, not because they were fired, mind you) and simply go find work elsewhere. The school they left figures “Problem solved!” so why bother contacting other institutions to let them Read more

1:37 PM

You have no idea if his journal is spot on. That teacher could easily have mentioned “indigenous peoples” or “Native Americans” and because King didn’t hear “Indians” he assumed he was being taught a lie... instead of, you know, a culturally appropriate take on the truth.

1:16 PM

I am a teacher (High school math, formerly English and History), and I cannot find this amusing. I remember being 9 and getting mad when a teacher was wrong. Germany isn’t landlocked Mrs. Hampton! Read more

8:10 PM

Or she wants to minimize the whole thing because she doesn’t want her kid to forever be associated with this controversy and wants it to go away? Which would be perfectly understandable.  Read more

6:56 PM

No joke I used to work with a stage mom who was trying to get her kids into music and TV. She was equal parts nuts and shady.

6:16 PM

Had it occurred to anyone that because she’s from Kenya and now lives in Sweden, that being compared to a monkey isn’t offensive to her? What is determined offensive is a cultural thing, like when Americans throw money on the table to pay for items they don’t realize how offensive it is to some people. I don’t think Read more

3:28 PM

With that Dove ad i thought it was out of context as the after they changed from a black model to the white model they later changed to a latina model. that said the optics of that part of the ad cut out of context is horrible but when you se the full ad i dont think its that bad. To be fair to them if they had gone Read more