1:42 PM

Hillary lost because a whole bunch of white people, including white women, didn’t like her, so how ironic she claims folks don’t like Sanders. She needs to get over herself, and if the democratic establishment continues to bash Bernie Sanders it wouldn’t surprise me if lots of his supporters don’t show up at the Read more

12:47 PM

I’ll get shit for it, but I’d rather vote for the old white guy who has remained more-or-less consistent in his left-wing views over a pretend, feel-good shallow veneer of progress disguising the same neoliberal, center-right bullshit. Read more

12:36 PM

isnt it great we cant say; how much her political baggage and poorly ran campaign didnt help her win an election from a family friend nutcase, with votes from bernie supporters who still get shit from her fucking turd supporters who claim time and again bernie supporters didnt vote for her; because it’s sexist?

go the Read more

7:02 PM

I mean, I guess you could have a lower threshold for calling something a “cameo” than being fully masked/CGIed with no lines, but I’m struggling to imagine what it could be.

4:11 PM

why do fashion models always look so pissed & bored as they walk down the runway?

4:04 PM

I’m somewhat encouraged by how it seems we’re hearing more about “character” ... “character-centric”, “character-driven”, and presumably along with that, more focus on story over flash/cgi/etc. Read more

11:23 PM

People on YT said he spoke bad french, but he also said he’s been practicing. Well practicing on the dog at least.

9:28 PM

Robert Picard, known aficionado of wrestling in mud, died tragicly one day when he tried to wrestle a tree in what he thought was mud but was the oil slick pool of Armus the Evil.

7:09 PM

I’d like a film with a young boy or girl who idolizes the emperor and can’t wait to be old enough (and tall enough) to be a storm trooper. Sadly the emperor “dies” on Endor and the imperial world he/she lives on is faced with open rebellion. Thankfully he/she has the Force ghost of the emperor to talk to and confide

6:55 PM

If Waititi is directing Feige’s film, I suspect he would automatically become immune from the fate that befell Lord & Miller.

6:52 PM

as we all know, star wars is the best platform for comedy-focused directors to flex their own directorial style

12:53 PM

Have to say that my first reaction is “Oh crap. This is just going to hand us Biden as a candidate.” Which I don’t want, partly because I perceive Biden as serving my interests least. If, after all, your entire campaign pitch is “let’s return to the normal Obama years!”, I am forced to remember that the “normal” Obama Read more

9:52 AM

The hope is, at this point, he’s grown to the level where he can employ writers rooms that are appreciative of the trash he wishes to create. He definitely has that level of power.

4:07 PM

Why is it that no writer at any point was ever willing to just commit to Kylo being a villain? He’s a wretched little rat bastard, he doesn’t need redemption just because his grandad did. Just let him be evil!

11:11 PM

Troll, keep your damned mouth shut, you of the unwashed legs and unseasoned chicken.

4:19 PM

I think you make a great point about not know the state of the universe and to me THAT has been the biggest mistake of the ST so far (other than all 3 movies ignoring the physics of the SW universe established in 6 earlier films). ANH made it so simple. Read more

3:50 PM

“ The bigger question is, what would they do with Galaxy’s Edge, their big ST-theme amusement parks?” Read more