I have a story to tell, but I’m super late to the game, so no idea if anyone will ever see it. But it’s the only truly spooky thing that has happened to me, so I felt I should share it. Read more

Wow. Same thing happened at our house. A few years ago, my FIL stayed over during the holidays, occupying the spare bedroom. The visit was going fine and then on the morning of Day 4, we woke up to find Grandpa gone. My son said that Grandpa had rapped on his bedroom door at 4am to say he had to leave and if my son Read more

I don’t mean to scare you even further, but 1993 was 27 years ago.  Read more

AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! I been spooked! Read more

I grew up in an old Victorian and certain windows used to do that, especially the one in my parents’ bedroom! It has something to do with the old sashes and weights in the window, but if you didn’t lock the top, it would jump up exactly like that. You could get it to stay down briefly, but not for long.  For the same Read more

A few years ago, my wife and I found this amazing 100-plus-year-old house for rent within walking distance to our downtown. It was a beautiful place, not even publicly listed for some reason. We were working with a property management company to find a place in our new, unfamiliar town, and it was one of those, “Well, Read more

This happened when I was nice, almost ten. Read more

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backstory: the school I work at in Vancouver, BC is being seismically upgraded, as are many because many of the schools built in VSB are gaining on 100 years old. In March (2020), before spring break, we all tirelessly packed up our entire classrooms in boxes to be moved over Spring Break to our ‘new school’ for the

You can’t blame everything on the cats Read more

I wouldn’t say I’m “sensitive” but I am known to have what my family and friends call “feelings”. There are times when I just know things. Usually nothing too exciting or helpful like lotto numbers. I’ve had some weird things happen, but could usually explain most of them away. However, this is one story that still Read more

This isn’t your typical spooky/creepy/ghosty story but it’s haunted me since 2007. Read more

Back in high school, my parents were strict about my curfew and driving long distances. I thought it was lame then, but I would not drive 2 hours with a 17 year old behind the wheel now. Read more

There is something exceptionally terrifying about all stories that come out of Mexico. This one included. My Moms extended family come from Chihuahua, and all the stories from “el Rancho” are nightmare worthy.  Read more

This isn’t exactly a ghost story, but it is definitely scary... Read more

This happened in 1999 in my Chicago suburb. I was 17 (guy) home alone on a week night - maybe 8pm or so - it was dark out. My dog was in the backyard barking and growling, which was not usual, but happened from time to if there was a squirrel or rabbit in the yard. I opened the door to my dog intently staring out to Read more

“Te quiere dar dinero”/”He wants to give you money” Read more

This is the spookiest thing that has happened to me, and it happened last night. It’s not going to win this contest by any means, but it certainly spooked me. I would love to get this comment un-greyed and the thoughts of anyone who knows more about spirits or has connections with spirits (or with Apple products?!) Read more

Disclaimer- I shared this last year after the submission deadline. My story is by far the creepiest and most random thing that has ever happened to me but I acknowledge it is definitely not the scariest of the bunch. However I do want to share again and would love to hear thoughts on what this could have been. Read more

I wrote this up last year, intending to share it on here, and then I never did for some reason. A year later and I’ve decided it’s time. Read more