Mar 2

Okay...and if I hadn't gone to karaoke one night, I wouldn't have met my husband. If I hadn't moved to my neighbourhood, I wouldn't have volunteered for my boss, and I wouldn't have my job now. We do things that lead to us doing other things. That's literally how life works. I fail to see your point.

Dec 28

Every time I’ve seen Hart in an interview, talk show, or YouTube clip, he’s 100% committed to being the loudest person in the room and being the center of attention. He talks over other guests and works to make it all about him. It’s not at all surprising that he considers a “friend” of 10 years nothing more than Read more

Dec 28

One day he’ll find his calling as the host of a telethon for Short Man Syndrome.

Aug 27

She’s from Oklahoma, and went to college in Texas. Simply teaching at Harvard for a few years, and moving to the east coast doesn’t erase that. Calling her an east coast academic is how the right wing attempts to cast her as an outsider to the very places she came from. Let’s not fall into the habit of using their talk Read more

Jul 29 2019

Yeah, it’s a crime the pain he caused, but he was a 21 year old indoctrinated into a belief system, writing about something he probably had almost no experience with. Read more

Jul 29 2019

Yes, it would have been nice if he had realized this before he wrote his book, however the book was a reflection of part of that culture and someone would have written something similar. Read more

Jul 9 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do so don’t bully yourself about it. Even experts disagree, my mom will ask the parent if they are okay  and sometimes that diffuses things. But no one should judge anyone in that situation. You really don’t want to make things worse on the children.

Jul 9 2019

What a tough situation! If you had confronted the man it could have escalated. I don't know what I would have done if I'd been in your place. 

Jul 9 2019

Don’t be to hard on yourself. It is so hard to know what to say that won’t escalate the situation and of course it feels very dangerous to confront a violent man. Read more

Jun 17 2019

I knew jez would have a bad take on the video, but this was a lot better than I thought u guys would do. The song is still shit, but I loved this video, i loved all of the cameos and I love her call to action at the end of the video. I’m really digging this Taylor. Also Billy Porter is one of my favorite human beings, Read more

Jun 16 2019

After reading all of these, I seriously hope that guy ended up in a fish packing plant. What jabroni, I’d LOVE to shelve travel books!

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Jun 6 2019

Counterpoint: No, he doesn’t. He’s a genuinely good person who is imperfect, like everyone is, but is actually willing to learn and grow. Read more

Apr 27 2019

I would not do so. Outside of the ethical implications of attaching something like this to kids so young and potentially opening them up to social media abuse and that kind of attention, there may be legal implications in taking photos of other people’s kids and posting them without knowledge. One wrong doesn’t fix Read more