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I love the solidarity, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut... Just for the benefit of the peanut gallery, whether or not you tune in won’t really matterto the NFL bottom line unless you have a Nielsen ratings box (or maybe a smart tv). Read more

Yes! Even children—he is so very awkward in his own skin he translates all that awkwardness to everyone around him. Like Kang and Kodos wearing human suits. It’s really off-putting. Read more

Steph Curry: I’m going to vote “no” on a White House Visit Read more

It’s like LeBron looked into my soul...

Going to the White House is now a long sad joke and no honor thanks to Orange Mussolini. The only visitors I want to see there are armed federal agents with hand cuffs and manacles to arrest the madman, Trump, for treason.

Our money has to be on Jerry Richardson, right? Maybe an outside chance on Woody Johnson, our new ambassador toIreland. Read more

It sounds to me like there’s plenty of shade. Read more

Your citation is three years old. Read more

“I just want to read about sports, not bullshit world affairs and political nonsense.” Read more

Shouldn’t the 49ers’ stadium be full every game now that Kaepernick is off the team? Read more

Oh PLEASE, assholes. PLEASE leave when someone kneels for the anthem. Games will be so much better without you. Read more

I would love...LOVE for that happen. An owner comes out of the box, tells a player to leave, the rest of the team flips the owner the bird and walks out with the player. The owner then demands the equipment staff take the field and it’s like that scene in the Waterboy.
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The Democratic Party is such a fucking shambles right now. The only victory they’ve had lately is because they tricked a moron to halfway agree to a non-binding verbal deal.
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It is soooo bland! I was offended by how bland, basic, and not cheap that food was. And can I almost tolerated bland, basic food, but that shit better be priced accordingly. I remember looking at the menu and thinking, “not only do I not want this food, but I don’t want to pay for this.”
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