Catie Keck
Staff Reporter
Jun 13

Ham and cheese croissants are very good but also more of a sandwich than a pastry, in my opinion.

May 28

Yes! I don’t think we need to give a pass to multibillion-dollar companies that have the resources to develop and deliver a great product straight out of the gate. HBO Max should have been a great, polished product at launch. Instead, we got, well, whatever the hell this is.

May 22

Good and correct. Prepared to fight our misinformed colleagues on this.

May 21

This is definitely a good way to get access to a particular show(s) without having to pay for the time you’re not using the service. If you don’t mind the hassle of taking a few minutes to activate, de-activate, I don’t think this is a terrible idea!

May 21

HBO Max is different and will have more content and its own originals. HBO Now will continue to exist, for some reason.

May 21

It rolled out early to Comcast users! But it’s not available to everyone until July 15.