Cat Ana Lee
Oct 23 2019

A gallon or two of boiling water. Don’t bother with the vinegar.

A gallon or two of boiling water. Don’t bother with the vinegar.

Jan 1 2018

Thank you for writing this and the When Can I say I’ll be Alone Forever article! People are continually sold the lie that if they just try A,B,C then everything will fall into place and they’ll meet someone. The reality is too scary. It’s hard, love is fucking mean. And really great people sometimes never partner up, Read more

Dec 27 2016

Since Kourtney’s Xmas post I’ve wanted to see an in depth investigation of Kourtney Kardashian and Steph Shep..

Dec 9 2016

I agree. For me one of the biggest reasons I am against the death penalty is that we get it wrong with some degree of regularity. Look at how many people have been released since the advent of DNA. I would rather the life of one innocent person be spared than to execute 100 guilty monsters.

Dec 3 2016

Also, I hope the city leaders recognize this as an indictment of their pandering to the tech companies. We’ve been reading for well over a year now about how ridiculous expensive property has become and how the most marginalized (usually young artists and genderqueer folk) end up living in unsafe buildings. There is Read more

Nov 15 2016

Jezebel writers criticizing someone who did nothing wrong? Things really are starting to get back to normal around here.

Nov 14 2016

The big difference is that the Beasr shows he’s capable of change and becoming a man worthy of Belle’s love. I have yet to see evidence Drumpf is capable of that level of self reflection and change even if he wanted to. Also, pro tip, typing on a phone wearing weight lifting gloves is fucking HARD!

Nov 10 2016

It’s not unusual when it’s been previously agreed upon. This sounds like it was sprung on their partners without prior statement. Read more

Nov 3 2016

Me too! For me, it’s her ability to turn on a dime from worked up full on crying panic to deadpan robot mode on command. Evan Rachel Wood is phenomenal in this role.

Nov 1 2016

Don’t care. I like most of her music, I like her videos, and I like how she brands herself. She could be mean and frigid in real life, or some kind of succubus that sexes the life out of all her boyfriends — I don’t care.

Oct 28 2016

Your story was great, I have one question though, did you ever hear of a 911 call when no one was home? Like coming home with your mom at the end of the day and the cops were there saying they got a call?

Oct 19 2016

These artifacts are on public display in their own room in the institution where I work, and I like to go and sing to them most days. I am not from the culture that created them but I think singing to them keeps them warm and is a gesture of humility and respect to the ancestors. Read more

Oct 17 2016

I just envy people who can sleep that soundly in a tent, since I never can! :)

Oct 9 2016

I’m meant to be talking tomorrow on the dichotomy of Trump’ non verbal threats (and as for this debate, actual threats) towards Hillary and other women and the cautious response of those women. I’ll also be talking about specifically about H’s management and deflection of this aggression. Read more

Oct 9 2016

This is one of my favorites of the campaign, bar none. So delightful! I could look at it again, and again!

Oct 3 2016

Seriously! I don’t understand how you cannot be horrified by what she went through - that is a terrifying experience.