Feb 19 2018

“Loosing” is among my biggest pet peeves in commonly misspelled words, and no, its use is not limited to weight loss forums.

Aug 27 2017

Kanye literally commissioned a life-size mechanical sculpture of her naked body and put it in an orgy scene with a rapist and two serial abusers of women..................

Aug 27 2017

Holy shit am I tired of hearing the phrase “playing the victim” used about a woman who was literally just in a courtroom getting justice for being sexually assaulted this month.

Jun 25 2017

Quiche. The crust is whole wheat flour and (salted) butter, the filling is onions (sauteed in olive oil with salt, pepper, and thyme (lots of the latter)) and Gruyere cheese, with a custard made from four or five eggs, some cream, and a little flour.

Jun 19 2017

I’m just going to leave this as a YMMV thing, but you’ve talked about diabetes in your family before; so be on the look-out of not feeling something like a blister. They should hurt, there should be a sensation of pain at the swollen spot and accidentally popping it (opposed to lancing) suggests you maybe didn’t feel Read more

May 12 2017

Im thinking he had divorce papers? Not sure how that would work without Jo knowing, but hey, its TV!

Apr 6 2017

Last season was so good that the drop in quality is staggering. How do you go from a season with episodes like the dinner party episode and Mer's attack episode to drivel like this?