Feb 19 2018

“Loosing” is among my biggest pet peeves in commonly misspelled words, and no, its use is not limited to weight loss forums.

Aug 27 2017

Kanye literally commissioned a life-size mechanical sculpture of her naked body and put it in an orgy scene with a rapist and two serial abusers of women..................

Aug 27 2017

Holy shit am I tired of hearing the phrase “playing the victim” used about a woman who was literally just in a courtroom getting justice for being sexually assaulted this month.

May 16 2017

We can only hope this “intel” was fake and made up by our agencies to make Trump think he’s a big boy, and to test/trap him. But the reality is firing Comey, meeting with the Russians in the Oval Office on the same day, and giving them beyond Top Secret info is just too much to comprehend, so I daydream...

May 15 2017

ok, i’m 34 and i hate this show. not because it’s not good - in fact, one time it was playing and i got totally wrapped into it without realizing what i was watching - but because i EVERY FUCKING TIME I WATCH iZOMBIE THERE IS AN AD FOR IT WITH THAT SONG “i... paint the pictures....” STOOOOOOOOOOP.

whew. that felt good Read more

May 12 2017

Im thinking he had divorce papers? Not sure how that would work without Jo knowing, but hey, its TV!

May 9 2017

Thanks so much for posting this. It definitely helps to discern that line between “this is normal” and “doctor time”. These are the sort of things that are NOT DISCUSSED ENOUGH with women, and the shame of our private bits is so great that many (especially young) women won’t even talk to their doctors about something Read more

May 1 2017

Jesus is what got us into this dark world where women have to rely on instructions from other women instead of from a licensed doctor.