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Can’t wait for the NF Miata, maybe I'll be able to afford an ND by then Read more

They are but the NDs are amazing. The last few years running they’re putting down fast time of the day at autocrosses regularly. Yes, modified, but so are the vettes, Porsches, etc they’re beating out. They are incredibly capable cars. 100+ more hp than my NB, and also lighter. Read more

This comment is much better than the article. Well stated, Stef.  Read more

Mine was a drunk neighbor. Cops found her driving around trying to find her house. When she sobered up, she never stopped by to offer to pay or apologize, and dragged her feet responding to her own insurance. Cops asked if i would cooperate on the dui and hit and run prosecution. She did jail time Read more

Got her plate as she drove off, called it in. Read more

Depending on the insurance, the deductible could just be waived. In a hit and run, i just had to provide the police report stating that i had no fault and proof the other party was insured, and USAA waived the deductible altogether Read more

Could also be a Spaceballs MegaMaid sort of scenario Read more

Right, but the point is that oem should have designed it so that neither this nor total battery replacement was necessary Read more

He just strolled right into that, didn’t he. Read more

Blazing Arrow is just a beautiful album Read more

In a half serious, half joking way: a girl gets kidnapped by a literal monster, and Gaston raises an army of villagers and risks (and loses) his life to save her from, again, a literal monster who kidnapped her.  Read more

Justice is handed down by a judge in a court of law. Arrest him, try him, convict him, punish him as the law deems appropriate. Read more

The owner seems like a pretty cool guy, and the cars even go racing! A lot! Read more

Oppo lives on at the Hyphen, you know. You'd be welcome Read more

Ooh, a mystery! Who is the ghost of oppo? Read more

Damn, this could have been a decent article. Talk about how historically teams that have run partial seasons haven’t succeeded. Talk about I’d there really is an economic benefit through advertising. Lots of things to build a decent article off of. But this is just such petty bullshit. What the hell, man? Read more

Right? Even if there was a valid criticism (there isn't, really), this is so confrontational it comes across as personal and petty. I've defended some of these hot takes from this author, but this is some of the worst shit I've seen here Read more

The answer to that first one is incredibly revealing about the arbitrariness of that date. Literally never thought about it before Read more

I was told can buy spinning tools at harbor freight, or safety glasses at harbor freight, but not both Read more

Both could be true. Takes forever for a train to stop. They could have given them 5 minutes warning and they'd still get hit Read more