Jan 26

I’ve been hoping for pre-Hartnell incarnations since “The Brain of Morbius.”

Aug 20 2019

I want to READ Random Roles.  Thumbs down for this great feature’s pivot to video.  Give me a transcript.

Jul 17 2019

Never heard “testosterone” used in a similar way about men?

Apr 26 2019

That’s not a plot hole, that's just a thing that happened in the movie. 

Apr 26 2019

So it seems pretty clear that Thor Lebowski is going to be a huge Halloween costume this year, right?

Apr 5 2019

So you’re saying Robin will win because during the war he bravely ran away away?

Apr 3 2019

Counterpoint: This looks AMAZING! It looks like Taxi Driver but with the Joker as Travis Bickle. DeNiro and Scorsese are even involved! Joaquin Phoenix has a manic Daniel Day-Lewis vibe! Read more

Mar 20 2019

My mother called me Oscar the Grouch because I was not a morning person, even as a young child.

Jan 29 2019

You see this?  This is how you do Kinja, folks; this is what you’re supposed to do with Kinja. Take heed.

Jan 29 2019

And I think it doesn’t matter whether this was the toddler’s mind protecting him in his despair via imaginary bear friend, or a real bear friend protecting the little boy. The end result is that a three-year-old child is alive and safe. I’m perfectly willing to settle for this.

Nov 15 2018

Like Rosemary’s Baby has taught us, inadvertent and unwilling conception of the AntiChrist at least come with pretty sweet real estate. Read more

Nov 8 2018

I’m ready, though Irons seems too old for the role if it is set 10 years after the comic's finale.