Sad View - SV650 sold

So yesterday I said goodbye to my old trusty (and annoyingly carbed) bike, a 2002 Suzuki SV650s. It may not be the fastest bike out there, but it was my first street bike and it got me through college, had my first low side on the street (which cause a cracked shoulder blade), and many other great small adventures…

Winter fun

I was lucky enough to take a small winter break with a group of friends, and over the weekend got to drive some snow mobiles and catch a ride on a frozen lake for some ice racing. All the winter activities were quite novel & enjoyable to this Texas native.

Weighing in

Went to the drag strip Friday night where they had their scales working and available. So the BRZ (2014 Limited, manual) with me in it, 3/4 tank, bag of tools and other junk in the car, was right at 3080 lbs. I was unable to get out to see what the car weighed by itself, but I’m about 210, so that would put the car…