Fuck everyone involved in this story. Fucking morons. Read more

Why is it when people decide for a simpler less-complicated life, it’s when they’ve already reached a level of financial success that makes this decision possible. I love people who are like “I made millions as a ______ but one day I realized it wasn’t making me happy anymore, so now I live in a tiny house and am self Read more

Pretty sure once you start sending certain ethic groups to “re-education” camps blindfolded where they are subjected to numerous injustices and likely have their organs harvested, while implementing a social credit system that punishes those who step out of line politically, kidnap someone who stands against the Read more

They most certainly have that right. Read more

NBA: Bends over backwards and gets down on their knees to make China feel better after a GM expresses support for Hong Kong. Read more

offends a portion or group of the public, Read more

Same reason they all have shins despite regularly jumping off 10ft+ platforms and falling down 5 story pits in full armor. Read more

yeah if my choice is this or 3 eames getting eames chairs
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You don’t have the ability to Google that? Seriously, it’s out there and it’s not obscure. I’d understand your inability to find it yourself if climate change’s catastrophic effects were not mainstream or easily accessible via a simple web search leading to non-sketchy sites, but it’s so available that anyone who Read more

You come off as incredibly uninformed about the world outside of your immediate environment. Read more

This is an awfully privileged reply. Read more

What’s the difference between your mom and a submarine? A submarine only goes down when it's full. Read more

Only a small subset of Iowans...namely the racist northwest corner. Read more

This bullshit argument could be made of anyone playing any video games, so if you believe that, then what the fuck are you doing on a video-game reporting site? I shudder to think of what other, far more fulfilling things you could’ve done with your precious and well spent time than read this article. Read more

You voted for him, Iowa. Enjoy. Read more

Yeah, you’d think King would understand the effect of flooding on, you know, corn; Iowa’s number one export. Read more

This is what Iowans wanted to represent them, so don’t see the problem. Besides it come cold and there was snow and as any Iowan GOPer will tell you cold means climate change doesn’t exit.  So yeah best I can tell Iowans are getting what they asked for. Read more

you’ve won the internet today. congrats.
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