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While those lights alone should have informed pursuing officer Montae Hernandez that the situation was an emergency Read more

It does become a security issue however when a passenger becomes unaccounted for in the airport. If they are on a late connection and miss that flight, they are accounted for. Just up and bailing out on the flight plans though? Where is this person? Are they going to come up to the counter later hoping to catch a Read more

You’re really giving them too much credit. Read more

To me the videos are proof that comprehensive state inspections are a good thing. None of the cars in those videos have Massachusetts plates and there is a reason. If I have a wheel bearing with even a little bit of wobble it’ll get an reject. Check engine light anytime in the last 100 miles? Reject. extensive rust on Read more

I’ve flown plenty of times with my kids since they were newborns. They always have been great. If a kid is acting like a little shit head it's probably because their parents don't give a shit and planned poorly. Read more

$35 for a game like this, that can potentially offer hundreds of hours of playtime, is a fucking bargain. Read more

“Ingested while fucking dragon." Read more

Only if it also involved the words “fucking dragon”.
Read more

I hope the word ingested in not used in the writeup for my death Read more

If you took these pictures in the same order as they’re presented here, the workers there probably thought you were a drug dealer who’s business was slowly deteriorating.  Read more

He’s a white guy in a country club in Arkansas. It’s at least 50/50 he’s a douche nozzle.
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I find coverage of said youtubers even more tedious than the stunts. Read more

So he made a shitty hybrid? Truly a genius who has invented something new that completely does not exists /sarcasm. Read more

Basically nobody steps out onto the road without a beacon. Read more

When an economy car will set you back $25k or more, $55K really doesn’t seem that bad. My first new car in 2005 was about $27,5 K on the street and at that time, I thought I would never spend more than $50K on a car, even if I was somewhat wealthy. Read more

Something has broken in my head when I see a $55k MSRP, and think it seems reasonable. I guess it just feels less ludicrous than most car prices I see these days. Read more

Since the disgruntled satalac is a dismissive little bitch, I’ll just repeat my suggestion for him:

Wow this site has really gone downhill.  Read more

Holy shit. Ariel is building the car that all 7 year olds inside of us has always wanted.
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Welp, I’ll say it, this was lame. Read more