Eddie (Carsbyme.com)
Feb 17 2015

I'm going to follow up with a review of the car soon, along with periodical updates on maintenance. So far, my first lesson was how poorly the M-Sport is in the snow even compared to a E46 325i—like no traction at all even in 2 inches. I'm glad I don't live in Chicago for the time being. Getting snow tires this Read more

Feb 16 2015

The owner is trying to flip this. It was purchased last year and imported to the US just to be the only one here to increase valve. It last failed to sell on eBay after 25 bids got it up to $30,001 last October. It's not worth $60,000. The #009 B6 3.5S (M3 chassis) was up for sale in 2011 for the equivalent of