The test that Trump claimed he aced is so simple, it’s basically used to make sure a person is alive.” Read more

But on Sunday, you could watch “Mission: Impossible”. Read more

Partisan politics are being put aside? Don’t get me wrong; I’ll take the money. But I think paying us off in the hopes we’ll forget this colossal screw up is the epitome of partisan politics.  Read more

Boys and I definitely will miss Miami, but already excited about next year. Read more

Just voted in Jacksonville area. Hard to catch the corona virus when my son and I were the only voters at the polling site. I guess Trump’s minions are going to sit this one out. I miss California. Read more

America must be very reassured to hear that that asshole got the SWAT team, the fucking SWAT team, to try and arrest all the grandmas, kids and people minding their own business while working 40+ hours trying to earn their crust while deadbeat motherfuckers watch it all unfold from their ratty ass couches at the traile Read more

In the picture at the top, it looks like the woman in back is ready to stab that guy through the heart with a kebab for inviting those two.  Read more

7. FOR SURE.  Cookouts referenced here are not picnics but shared communal gatherings and I’m not part of that community. What am I going to add? (I think some of us are mistaking an invitation as validation.)  Invite me to your kid’s wedding, your Christmas party. I’d love to come. Read more

I don’t think Christine understands how > and < works.  Read more

I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes. Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer.  Read more

The kneel thing is puzzling, but after getting the news from the senate (it no longer deserves capitalization) that no witnesses will be called, I find the ability to stand  without having a spine even more amazing. Read more

Right? Now how hard was that? Why do we need to contort ourselves for the servers to honor their part of the contract? Read more

I think my post wasn’t very clear. What I was trying to say: Trump is such an abomination that someone who has not voted in years would now be compelled to get off the couch to rid us of this nightmare and that person should not have their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote ripped from them because they chose Read more

And for all you grey assholes who say “well, rules are rules” how about the rule that says using your office for personal gain is grounds for losing that office?  Read more

The NFL is working to improve diversity in its’ coaching ranks at the same speed that Trump is working to improve the environment. Read more

Biden should choose any one of those honest Republican Congresspeople who voted to impeach Trump for his self admitted crimes. Or maybe one of those honest Republican Senators who will review the evidence against Trump and vote their conscience and remove Trump from office. Yeah, chose any one of those “really decent Read more

Michael Moore cuts to the front of the line because he is absolutely positively sure that everyone else agrees that he is one of the good ones. (Nobody ever accused us of lacking  confidence. “Awareness” on the other hand...) Read more

Any wonder why someone who hasn’t voted in years would suddenly feel compelled to cast a ballot for change? Read more

And the spokesperson for the CHP was Sgt. Bender. Read more