Carlee P
8/11/20 3:20PM

yes nothing is stopping people on anti vax websites and/or forums recommending Roku as a source for these outright lies. the idea that misinformation is fine existing ignores the weaponizing of it by both enemies of the state and also those willing to hurt others as long as they can sell a product to make cash.

8/11/20 2:58PM

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the concern is the “average user”. Much like the average person does not know where to go to find white supremacy forums online, the people that want these programs are telling each other how to get to it. This gives the impression that Roku is potentially selling devices to Read more

8/11/20 2:01PM

republicans: remove regulations! (so we can shill out tons of money to our friends in sector for a payout to our campaigning to continue stealing from the public)

8/11/20 12:44PM

Gates understands the politics, but you only have to be a little smart to know that you can’t use logic (which most tech folks are well versed in) when it comes to that. Smart people don’t want to deal with that B.S. which is why we have idiots running our country