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12/08/16 9:11PM

She needs to fight like hell. She can’t let this happen to us

11/30/16 2:18AM

Well, as it just so happens, the areas that need the most water in CA are red. So off they go!!!

11/27/16 10:03PM

My only hope is by losing that station and becoming president, he will be forced to show the crazy, rather than just hide behind his rallies and conspiracy theories. Such a large stage could have the power to embarrass him and his followers back to the deep depths of the internet, where they belong.

11/27/16 10:01PM

Well, Jesus gets a lot of money on TV for being a martyr. Trump could have the best money.

11/27/16 9:43PM

All it would do is undermine his newly acquired martyr complex.

11/27/16 9:39PM

I think we should let the red areas seceded and see what happens as the blue maintain democracy. CA has the economy of several countries as is. Imagine... legal weed nation wide. Oh, and since they will hate trade, we have to impose nasty tariffs on everything, most especially internet cable usage and media Read more

11/27/16 9:35PM

So, it’s believed that there was massive amount of votes lost in the Republican areas of CA, most notably north of SF. They also believe illegals were either forced to vote or were allowed to vote in other areas of the state because Soros. They have some weak ass data from other elections to prove their point.

11/27/16 9:31PM

They have data. It’s all from data dudes whose methods are questionable and are clearly crazy. One guy they like to link also has data that Obama never won, who JFK was killed by (I didn’t read details), and several alien conspiracies. Read more

11/27/16 9:27PM

I agree. He was ready to set himself as the ultimate martyr, besting Jesus Christ.

11/27/16 9:23PM

He won’t though. It gives him more power to make claims than to actually call for recounts.

11/27/16 9:21PM

And this is why it’s important to read what’s happening at r/the_donald. Their wacked out strange conspiracies are clearly what the Donald himself believes. He believes that CA was rigged, he believes NV let illegals votes, he believes in tabulations that “show” he should have won AZ, NC, and WI by a larger vote. This Read more

11/26/16 12:33AM

Their need to feed their conspiracy fantasies has been fueled by the reality of polls that were inaccurate, Wikileak’s release of DNC emails, and the CEO of Reddit’s interference with their posts. They will now believe any extreme fantasy over reality. Some crazy ass researcher, Richard something or other, believes Read more

11/25/16 7:43PM

Went over to r/the_donald to read what they think, despite that sub’s effect on my mental health. One half of them are rejoicing, they view this a win for their tales of voter tampering and another arrow for the lamestream news to suffer as they reported voter tampering to be rare. This side also believes that the WI Read more

11/25/16 5:50PM

It’s not just the ID laws. It was the massive restrictions on the ability for the working poor to vote. My friends in AZ waited hours to vote because the reduction in the location and open times of polling places. The times they could vote were reduced in many areas. Republicans governors and state legislators have Read more

11/25/16 5:33PM

That encapsulates my anger better than any other words could have. You cannot tell me a Trump supporter is anything more than a psychopath or a self loathing masochist. They who like rape, murder, and abuse all in the name of white man power. It’s completely changed how I view the people around me. I am no longer a Read more

11/15/16 10:11AM

Totally disagree. He can easily be used and shown to be a false Republican, one who lied to break the party. If all the claims on my FB are true, many Republicans hated voting for him and disagree with many of his policies. They are praying that the party holds him back. Impeaching Trump could framed as standing up to Read more

11/14/16 11:03AM

The voter laws also had a massive effect.

11/14/16 11:01AM

Which is also why establishment politicians will feel no fear tearing him down. No matter which side.

11/14/16 11:00AM

He was also president of the screen actors guild and a demo until he ran for governor. As a puppet.

11/14/16 10:58AM

But if goes that route, the Republicans will freak. They barely have a voting block without minorities, and Trump’s open ties to Russia is going to scare away baby boomers. Even with gerrymandering. Many Republicans were voted in primarily because they were distancing themselves from Trump. Read more