Captain Cupholder
5/24/21 9:53PM

And all the crying and moaning about being asked to wear a mask while this sort of actual violation of Constitutional protections of our rights goes on!

5/24/21 9:52PM

Seconded “this”.  It’s easy to tar the Republicans as the racist ones, especially after the past four years, but it’s hardly limited to them.  Racism isn’t partisan in this country -- it’s *systemic*.

5/24/21 9:51PM

America isn’t a police state and how dare anyone consider reducing funding for American police departments or holding them accountable to some sort of oversight.....

5/24/21 5:30PM

Meanwhile people think covid, vaccinations and 5G is surveilling us and taking away our freedom when the government is right there lol

5/24/21 4:46PM

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5/24/21 1:56PM

...helping rip apart labor rates, and further degrading poor people’s chances of finding stable employment, all the while supporting the building of a nazi-laden techbrobillionaire class.
Read more

5/24/21 1:45PM

But America still isn’t a police state. Nope. No, sir. Freedumb-lovin’ ‘Mericans don’t do no police state.

5/24/21 1:38PM

I’d be happy to take a train or bus if the actual infrastructure for a proper system existed in my area. Unfortunately though America had to be America in our early development and try to seem better than everyone by over-investing in roads for cars and under-investing in everything else. So unless you live in New Read more

5/21/21 11:42AM

He attempted to side-step an issue he should have faced head-on. I appreciate that Fiege not only noted the distinction publicly, but actually indicates some level of regret about how it went. It’s extremely refreshing in a context where denial is the status quo.

5/21/21 12:17AM

It’s outrageous. Prisons should not be dependent even in part off of this kind of nickel-and-diming of prisoners and their families, and calls and family visits should be free. 

5/20/21 6:00PM

Lower phone rates are going to seriously cut into the profit margins of the keister bunnies.

5/20/21 5:33PM

Not only should long distance charges for calls within the same country just not exist anymore, but prisoners should have the ability to talk to their lawyer or families for free for a specific amount of time each month. Read more

5/20/21 4:16PM

Hmm...I say that okay decision is a normalized bad decision. To avoid making a caricature, you have to do more than costume a Scottish lady in the same gear and call it a day. It’s still erasure—and economic too, since it knocks out a paying role for an Asian—and half-assed since instead of making mysticism more Read more

5/20/21 1:37PM

Marvel kind of pulled a bit of a Whedon. Loving all the Asian trappings, not showing that love to the actual people. Read more

5/20/21 12:43PM

You can’t disassociate the character of “The Ancient One”, who is a Tibetan monk who practices what is clearly a pretend form of Asian mysticism, from the race.

5/20/21 11:30AM

I think the problem with the “pro” is that you’re still using an Asian mysticism pastiche. Yes, you avoid putting an Asian actor into a stereotyped position, but it’s sort of weird to be like “oh, this 1940's view of Asian mysticism would be uncool if we had an Asian actor, but when it’s a white woman doing it, it’s Read more

5/20/21 11:28AM

I think there’s some dancing around the issue here. Wasn’t part of the concern around casting/making the Ancient One Tibetan about how China would politically respond? Read more