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Yea, but can I go for a high score? Read more

We’re inventing the torment nexus. Read more

Perfect precursor to a real AI-driven Thought Police to seek and arrange arrest of all responsible for thoughtcrimes as defined by the ruling regime. Read more

That’s something a human feeling guilty about violating a social norm would say. ~ SkyNet Read more

Yeah, let’s give the narcissists even more attention shall we. We can ponder who will win this mentally pre-teen grudge match as the world fucking burns around us... Read more

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You know the fight already happened, right?

How is it that this con-man is still allowed to continue doing business, and roping in more financial and emotional victims? Read more

So his sycophants might not recall he was booted from Paypal for trying to rebrand it as “X.” This is literally just a dumb old plan he’s necromancing. Read more

I dunno, the blue check crowd still seems firmly up his ass. Saw a gif last night of someone ordering a flight to Mars on a credit card sized X tablet. Read more

musk is so fucking stupid. Even his diehard cultists have been oddly quiet of late given everything going on. Read more

And no penalty so far for blatant strike busting which is what actually happened. Read more

A threat about 'pruning' actors and writers. Read more

I would be down for that but I’d doubt LA would be willing to come down that hard on the actor’s/writer’s side this early, that would blow up a lot of politics. Read more