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Hi everyone! Thank you to all of you who gave me advice re: road tripping with my furry friend. It went great and she seemed to actually enjoy the experience. All your tips really helped! (especially the reminder to take paper towel- life saver) Here’s our vacation photos!

12:08 AM

Mr. Bells had a co-worker he worked with closely that was just so brilliant I got insecure and a little jealous even though I trust him. I mean, if he was going to cheat on me, it’d be for brains not boobs. Read more

11:09 PM

If I had to guess, something about this woman and/or this situation is reminding you subconsciously of something that caused anxiety or pain. Your mind might be channeling those feelings through a “safe” channel (you know there’s nothing going on) but since you can’t find an explanation, that’s causing a feedback loop Read more

10:05 PM

You have to shift your focus from him and his coworker to you. It sounds like you might have an anxiety disorder and this situation with your husband is an unconscious pretext to panic. In other words, it might be the symptom and not the cause. Read more

9:41 PM

First off, feeling of insecurity and jealousy are common. Also, they’re not inherently bad. What matters is how you process them. You can interpret jealousy as “Oh, I like this. I don’t want to lose this. I don’t want to share this.” And that’s fine. It’s a way to know you’ve got something worth holding on to Read more

9:24 PM

You just have to remind yourself that if he does cheat you having anxiety over it won’t stop it. He probably won’t cheat but nothing you do will stop someone from doing something they’ve decided to do. You are only in control of your choices and actions. I’ve been a very jealous person in my life, a very anxious Read more

9:20 PM

Have you considered therapy, or anti-anxiety medication?

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8:58 PM

Do you have a reason to not trust him? That’s the biggest part of it. Not trusting her to be professional is petty but I feel like there’s a backstory of why she makes you feel unsettled. Read more

1:13 PM

Denise Richards is another superstar that Charlie Sheen does not deserve.  Read more

1:09 PM

My nephew worked with her prior​ to the filing for divorce and continues to do so. Jennifer is the real deal-just as genuinely nice and compassionate on and off screen and in both public and private. Always on time and professional. What you see is what is real and she’s​a lot of fun as well

5:12 PM

I agree, but I am keeping a can of gasoline nearby, so I can self-immolate in case I find out Mr. Rogers was a pedophile.

3:13 PM

If this ends up being true, I am sending this to all of my friend and family who love him and called me a man hater for not liking him. His humor would be funny if he wasn’t such a creep.

3:09 PM

It’s something else, all right. I’m so so impressed by all the women and men coming forward with their stories. It must be extremely difficult to share publicly, but in doing so, they’re changing our culture for the better.