Please don’t mistake the loudest assholes on the internet for “nerd culture” (ugh) at large. I haven’t loved every change to the comic stories that the MCU movies have made up to this point, but I also understand that stories told in different media are, by necessity, told differently, and every other nerdlinger I Read more

I just can’t imagine being so against the idea of Spielberg remaking West Side Story that your ears and totally closed to the chorus of praise ringing out. Read more

It’s interesting to see how many people are down on the entire concept of a remake of West Side Story considering how inherent adaption is to the stage musical. It sounds like Spielberg succeeded in finding a reason for the production to exist, which is exciting.
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I really liked Eternals. I liked all the Marvel films this year. Sure the big explosive end of Black Widow was kind of meh but all the family stuff was awesome and I loved every moment of it. And Shang-Chi was just so much fun and beautiful and touching and had both dragon and Wong doing karaoke and what more can one Read more

Dude, can we put together the crazy timeline of Kal Penn’s life...
- Penn stars in a stoner-comedy with Neil Patrick Harris
- That gets him a role on House M.D.
- He leaves that to work for the goddamn President
- And he falls in love with a man who’s cool with drinking beer and watching NASCAR on their first date Read more

America having no equivalent to the angry, get-their-attention “Oy!” is a cultural shortcoming
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I unapologetically love the character of Roy, every single thing Goldstein does as him works, there’s never a false moment even if the scripts are throwing ever more windy unnecessarily soap operatic moments at him and Keely. Read more

Beck Bennett leaving is a huge problem for SNL because he's the best straight man that they've got. Like he's a super underrated member of the team. As long as Kyle Mooney stays then that's all that matters. As soon as he leaves then there's shoot no reason to continue watching SNL. Read more

People spent a lot of time wondering about Cecily, Kate, Kenan, Aidy, but Beck leaving SNL is actually a sneaky big loss. He’s essentially been SNL’s glue guy during his tenure. A consistently solid performer that makes every sketch he’s in work. He was in the mold of Phil Hartman/Jason Sudekis where they may not be th Read more

You spend more time on here, daily. Read more

God, this guy is great. Even in a bad season of a series with some *amazing* performances (and some stinkers), Sobotka stands out as one of the best-acted characters of the entire run. Read more

St Anger absolutely deserved a Grammy. Read more

Anyway, Feige’s two-stepping around controversy continued as he said he’s “all for amicable solutions” when it came to the ScarJo suit. Giving a milquetoast soundbite is Feige’s superpower. Read more

But, unfortunately, there is that aforementioned stumble. Hold on while I get real nerdy with this: In Captain America: The First Avenger, the Tesseract that the Red Skull initially finds in the church is a fake, and the real one is hidden nearby. In this episode, (and maybe this is just me missing it) the sequence Read more

I stand by my assertion that the finale of The Office stuck the landing incredibly well. Read more

Basically everything you just described means I’m going to love this. This is queer rebellion in fashion form, and I love the analogy to Halston.  Read more

josie and the pussycats is one of my favorite teen movies from that time. it has an amazing cast, one of the best soundtracks, and you can’t go wrong with parker posey and alan cumming together. Read more

Hopefully Paul Rudd pops in for one last Mac and Me clip Read more

The whole Portals scene from Endgame will basically always be a cheap pop for me that brings tears to my eyes every time for the rest of my life. Read more

If you start thinking too hard, you might start asking difficult questions. Read more