Jun 7 2017

Uh huh. People were so much more pleasant before Trump. Wait. No. No, people were still giant assholes then as well.

Apr 12 2017

Finished The Last One by Alexandra Olivia (recommended by Randilyn) on Sunday. Since then I’ve finished the first Diane Duane cat novel and am almost done with the second. I think I may read Watership Down after. I think I’ll do animal books for a while.

Mar 15 2017

We clearly have different tastes since I think Red/Green/Blue Mars is fantastic and I really liked Years of Rice and Salt, but mostly for its structure. I liked 2312, but it seemed inferior to similar stuff he did earlier in his career to me like The Memory of Whiteness.

Mar 2 2017

It seems like it’s popular to praise this movie to high heaven for being “faithful” and “serious,” but for me it fails to be engaging or cinematic. Adapting a novel as innately... novellike (apparently this is a real word and “novelic” is not for some reason) as Frankenstein to another medium means very much building Read more

May 25 2016

I can’t fault Stewart for what happened to him and his family—he is one of the greatest generation and really up til the 60's that is just what everyone believed. His son wasn’t drafted, he volunteered, it was a tradition in their family to serve, it really wasn’t like he was pressured or had no other options.
Knowing Read more

Mar 29 2016

It’s kinda pathetic that the two finalists for ‘best heroine’ might just be supporting characters for male protagonists. Maybe I’ve turned into a mega-bitch misandrist, but Ellen Ripley was robbed.

Mar 29 2016

I have to agree with Violet Baudelaire, though I know that sometimes going to management is the worst when management is not...the best. I think regardless of the situation, you should keep Ann at arm’s length and if more shit goes down with either of them just sternly say, “Look I’m trying to keep this professional. Read more

Mar 29 2016

I’d go to management about it. If for documentation purposes if nothing else. Hell, don’t even act as if you’re going there to complain about here. You can act and say- I’m just genuinely concerned that I’m being perceived in a way I don’t want to be. Act very sad about it like you’re just worried about how you’re Read more

Mar 28 2016

I would highly recommend reading some Miss Manners/Judith Martin. She’s an etiquette writer by trade, but her advice (and backbone) on how to set boundaries and be comfortable with letting other people fumble when you refuse to engage is invaluable. Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior is a staple in Read more

Mar 4 2016

Riverworld. Philip Jose Farmer. Just. Too Long. ‘Way more than ‘a smidge.’ Too much Mark Twain. Did. Not. Finish.

Mar 4 2016

I’ll be that guy: A Song of Ice and Fire book series is going on way too long. GRRM keeps introducing new POV characters, when what worked about the first novel was that there were only a few. I like the world he’s constructed, but the story needs to sum up soon and get to where its going or I’m going to have to give