10:31 AM

Kids in cages. Concentration camp cages. Some now dead. Others suicidal. He doesn’t just defend this, he promotes it. Spit away!

10:06 AM

Say what you will about Chicago (and there is much to say, much of it bad) this town has three things going for it. 1) We would never put Ketchup on a hot dog as a matter of fucking course (I’m looking at you, street vendor in CO, I’m looking at you) because Mustard! 2) Students at UIC (one of the most diverse student Read more

9:38 AM

I’m really fucking sick of that “for the party that preaches tolerance...” nonsense. Someone else can probably explain it better than me, but it’s like just because the left preaches tolerance, does not mean tolerance for racism, migrant kids in camps, and general assholery of this fucking administration aka what Eric Read more

11:54 PM

I think about the time I posted the Margaret Atwood quote here and got flamed for days from men who thought it of vital importance that I recognize that it is #NotAllMen. They cited examples of all the times they got rejected and didn’t attack anyone (of course they didn’t get rejected very often because they were Read more

10:52 AM

This is slightly off-topic because there is a LOT to say about the Ks treatment of Jordyn, but was anyone else seriously disturbed (though not surprised, given the family’s intense dysfunction) that Tristan threatened to kill himself to get out of being accountable for his behavior, and that he apparently does this Read more

11:02 AM

Admittedly, my social life consists of conquering the world on Crusader Kings II, but . . . I’m not seeing a lot here to complain about. I mean, yeah, the homophobia-is-a-symptom-of-repressed-gay-status was officially played off by American Beauty, but mostly I see the corny guy who kind of knows he’s corny in those Read more

10:59 AM

Counterpoint: No, he doesn’t. He’s a genuinely good person who is imperfect, like everyone is, but is actually willing to learn and grow. Read more

9:41 AM

It doesn’t surprise me at all the the “monsters” in prison were the guards and not the inmates. Although I’m sure there are many good prison guards who want to make sure inmates are healthy and well cared for, I actually doubt it’s the majority. The abuses of power, and outright abuses, are horrific in both women’s Read more

9:51 PM

I’m so over this motherfucker and his gaslighting bullshit. I’m watching, kind, health conscious people deal with atrocious diagnoses all around me and that fat, joyless, deep-fried shit bird goes on and on like an indestructible meth head reeking havoc day in and day out. He is downright satanic, thriving on evil. I Read more

12:50 AM

Thank you for posting. I was born in 1948 to parents whose parents were born in the Republic. Counties Cavan, Galway, and Clare. Read more

5:10 PM

And, also, we don’t frankly have the money in the Republic to fund re-unification. It would probably sink us economically so it’s not like joining the Republic would insulate NI from Brexit. If it’s not a move from the frying pan into the fire, then it’s at least a lateral move into the frying pan next door. Read more

4:41 PM

My boss is N Irish and I just remember the day after the referendum she made comments about how there was a time when you just didn’t talk to your neighbours about which “side” you were on for fear of drawing an invisible line between you. She did not seem happy about the prospect of a return to those times.

4:16 PM

Very nice. As I said in reply to Jerry (although I can’t see it?) I’m an American, live in Galway, have an Irish spouse, and Irish children. I’ve lived here 17 years here. Even so, I don’t weigh in on some political issues — like this one, for example — because I don’t have the same history and emotion behind me as my Read more

3:51 PM

Snap, think we posted similar points around the same time, only your perspective from actually being Irish is really valuable. Read more

2:54 PM

I appreciate your perspective and that you’re offering it constructively. I’m much older than you and certainly remember all the horrors of the 70s and 80s. I suppose I’m hoping for a rational reset with some forgiveness in order to mive forward. Perhaps I’m being too optimistic, though I’m well aware that human Read more

2:10 PM

Orrr there should never have been a such a flippant, ill-defined referendum on something that the majority of the public had no clue about which directly contravened a peace treaty which had already been put to a referendum and had a definitive mandate. Read more