Camshaft Chris: Skyline/McLaren/Porsche Fanboy
Nov 14
Can anyone identify this?

Someone posted this on LaLD but couldn’t identify it. I’m going to guess it’s some sort of Fiero kit? Reverse Google

Nov 5
Where to find us?

I’m going to start this as a running posts for where to find LaLD and it’s members outside of Kinja. Feel free to

Nov 4
It's been real y'all.

LaLD is a community unlike any other. Most diecast sites have a toxic element that makes them very off-putting. This

Oct 31
First Raw Chase

I’ve finally added a Raw Chase to my collection. Of course it had to be an R34 Skyline, hahaha. This Greenlight x

Oct 8
RLC 2020 Continued...

I gonna need a minute... The RLC membership cost is worth this car alone. What’s the max RLC memberships you can

Oct 3
This just in!

I mean that quite literally. I just got this in the mail this evening. Thanks to Phil/TyoToys and Scott/SN210 for

Sep 22
Evening Project

I got bored yesterday evening so I decided to play around with the colorshift paint again. I had been thinking about