4:37 PM

I paid $500 for an ‘88 Camry MT with 160k on it in like 2004. I drove it for several years without it even needing any major repairs. I then passed it on to each one of my 3 siblings who each drove it when they were each in college. Then it went to my aunt who drove it for a few years before it came back to me. The Read more

3:35 PM

Got passed by an Audi in my 93' 4runner during the snowpocalypse several years ago here in NC, guess they thought the Quattro system meant they could drive 50 on the ice/snow (people in NC also generally do not know how to drive in any kind of inclement weather as it is—or just...generally...) 30 seconds after passing Read more

3:17 PM

My partner and I have been on Google Fi since not too long after it launched & we love it. The cost is predictable month to month (we even get credit if we don’t use all the data we expected to). I have been able to switch between phones on the fly without ever having to talk to a person, just download the app over Read more

2:28 PM

I have all these settings set already, but have a slightly different and VERY annoying problem:
My partner shares her calendar with me & I see TONS of events on her calendar from a job she hasn’t had for 3 years. She doesn’t see them on her end, I only see them when I toggle her calendar on from mine. I wish we could Read more

2:46 PM

It should be noted that the BioLite FirePit DOES NOT produce energy from heat like BioLite’s other products. It simply has a rechargeable battery pack that also houses the fan that keeps the smoke under control. I’ve owned mine since the Kickstarter campaign, and while I do love it and use it often, I feel that not Read more

It should be noted that the BioLite FirePit DOES NOT produce energy from heat like BioLite’s other products. It

1:36 PM

Not to mention the uselessness of the truck bed sides...I would hate tossing gear over that annoying sloped side. At least they fixed that...

1:31 PM

I agree with the Ridgeline idea, as much as I dislike the front end, it has started to grow on me. If they liked the utility of the Element, the Ridgeline is probably a safe bet.

8:38 AM

I have this same vehicle, EX, same color, also a manual minus the Ecamper. 14k plus is a bit much, but Elements have started commanding higher and higher prices with more miles. The Ursa Minor conversion costs about 7k now and a manual Element (rare) with this many miles on it can probably get 5-6k, so it’s not too Read more

1:22 PM

Guess it was out of the auto-braking fluid in addition to the blinker fluid. Common issue with BMWs I’ve noticed....

3:00 PM

They’re definitely tacky, but if you want to feel better about it, just take a quick drive through South of the Border. It’s a depressing, run down ghost town—so clearly the 10'000 billboards aren’t doing much for business.

5:08 PM

Sure you CAN do it, you just shouldn’t. The floor has seams and there are no drain holes in the body of the car. I’m gonna guess you’ve never removed the rubber flooring. I’m willing to bet you have rust. Maybe it won’t rust through before the car dies of other causes, but it’s still not a good idea. That said, it’s Read more

9:13 AM

Do it. Join us. There are more and more Element owner meetups every year. You can find them for cheaper than this one tho if you look around. Mine has taken me on 5 6k mile+ road trips without ever needing to stay in a hotel & carried all kinds of gear, appliances, tools, etc. It’s not for everyone, but I love mine. Read more

4:25 PM

I always envision a red-faced dude with veins popping out of his forehead and neck screaming “TRUUUUUKKKK!!!!!!!” whenever is see one of these things coming.... They are prevalent in NC.

9:19 AM

I absolutely love these things and have even looked into buying one (decided to stick with stationary houses for now). This price isn’t bad for the condition. I’ve seen them go for much more.

11:42 AM

I could swear I already rode on something pretty similar when I was in Montreal—except it carried more people. Went through tunnels and everything, even had rubber wheels like a car... Read more

9:02 AM

Give me that front end, and an updated Element rear and I’m sold (maybe sliding door instead of dinky suicide doors too...)

10:25 AM

I had an ‘88 Camry that I bought for $500 with 196k on it. I drive it for 4 years, then passed it on to my siblings. All 3 of them drove it during each of their college years, then it got passed to my aunt, who drive it for a few years and it eventually came back to me. The odometer stopped working at 250k so I’d say Read more