Yep. All this. Except shift that to 25 students per class, minimum. Read more

That is the most frustrating thing, the shrugging. The arms race, the “the other schools at our level all charge this much tuition and pay this little to teaching staff, so what can we do?” It’s such bullshit. And the wide-eyed fundraising, the pitch that they really need your donation, when you’re still paying off Read more

There’s mischief in his eyes. Read more

You just know Melania wishes Harry would take her away from all of this. Read more

That upsetting. I understand there’s a level of manufacturing that goes into crafting the Kardashian public narrative but honestly we’re at the point where if Kris gets a creepy doll that is actually a leprechaun or maybe a warlock and they’re literally just the reboot of Passions. Read more

I believe it was PT Barnum that said “There’s a Trump supporter born every minute.” Read more

In other words, busywork. If you’re being  taught a skill that’s already been automated, you’re wasting your time. Read more

Baby Mama Drama is the reason I firmly believe that women shouldn’t breed with their romantic partners. Get a sperm donor instead. Yeah, you have to pay a couple of hundred bucks for it but it comes genetically screened, free of communicable diseases, & no rights attached. Romantic partners are fun but having a kid Read more

I’ve seen where the child, on their own, figured out that the father was the main source of problems, even despite him bad mouthing the mother all the time. Unfortunately that was well into her 20's when she came to that slow realization.
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  • This person just hits all the Conservative checkpoints.

Putin looks like every other dude on dating apps holding up his stupid fish while wearing shades. Read more

Pickle, Trump is very sensitive about the size of the white hose. Best not ask about it. Read more

Yeah I think it comes down to “No YOU’RE the Nazi!” Read more

45 Owns the Republican party. He has a 60 million person base that will vote for him come hell, high water, and Jesus. They won’t decry or deny 45 until they’re being personally held accountable for war crimes (which is where this ICE and police crap will end up going if we don’t fight it every step of the way) or Read more

Amen. I’m with you. Gone are the days when I thought “well they’re probably okay, they just prioritize things differently than I do.” Read more

So sickening. All of those fuckers are so EVIL it takes my breath away. I’m supposed to meet up this weekend with friends who are Republicans. They didn’t vote or support Cheeto and are horrified by him but I know they still support the party in general. I’ll have to ask them how in the hell they can still support GOP Read more

Acting like they’d won the superbowl when it hasn’t even passed in the Senate yet, to say nothing of the moral shittiness of the bill itself. Read more

I posted this is in the initial AHCA post, but there were 600+ comments so I’m sure it got lost. I just wanted to share my experience today in DC because it was so utterly sickening: Read more

There’s a reason why conservatives rant about liberal snowflakes:
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Maybe a little bit. But I think abusers will mostly stick to real women, because these dolls are going to cost a couple of grand each, and if an abusive guy breaks them there will be no one to hit to blame for that. Read more