Calico Dad
Aug 28

This one really hurts, too. So young, so talented, and he always seemed like such a stand up guy. I fuckin’ hate this goddamn year so much. 

Aug 28

And Jack Kirby's birthday. :(

Aug 28

RIP to the fucking king.

Aug 28

On Jackie Robinson day :(

Jul 7

Not to mention break hearts.

Jul 7

Sarah Jane Smith circa 1976 is a style icon.

She could walk off the TARDIS in 1976 into London or Los Angeles or New York and start trends.

Jun 23

All Cops Are Baristas

Jun 16

James is wrong. Thank you for coming to my TEA-Talk.

May 8

Even if you were unfamiliar with science fiction, or hated it outright, there were things in Star Wars you could recognize from other kinds of movies or storytelling forms. Read more

May 1

Why, it’s almost as if it was done on purpose. Um. Yeah. it was done on purpose. Read more

Apr 13

I almost always hate the whole fake documentary/talk to the camera bit, like the Office or Parks & Rec. But in the movie and the show, it works and I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me. Probably get distracted laughing at Matt Berry yelling “BAT!”

Feb 19

I read a comment a while back that I cannot shake off. “Dystopia” is just “Imagine if it happened to white people too”

Jan 28

Juliet: “Wait... instead of faking our deaths, couldn’t the Friar just marry us in secret and we could head out of town after?” Read more

Oct 30

“They’re kind of spiritual vampires who live extraordinarily long lives by feasting on the “steam” of people who “shine.” Basically, they suck the special out of them until the person dies and, in the process, live for centuries.”

Oct 10

I’ve always liked Kaling, but I am seeing from the comments here that many, if not most of you, do NOT like her at all. Perhaps you’re right to feel as you do if you don’t like her. I honestly know very little about her so I’ll defer to the knowledge of the majority here for what I’m about to say. It is entirely Read more

Oct 10

Really? I love this guy. To steal from the poster below you, he’s such a “beautiful weirdo” Read more

Oct 10

Over the summer I started listening to Dead Pilot’s Society, a podcast that reads failed TV scripts. John Hodgman read one of his for the second episode, and it’s fantastic. It’s disappointing it never got made. Read more

Sep 29

“Hi there! Have you accepted Dejah Thoris as your Lady and Savior?”