Calico Dad
Dec 4

I know people love Boba Fett, but this was literally the first time he ever did anything remotely cool in a live action show. I’d go so far as to say the first time he ever did anything cool on screen, but I can’t remember if he ever did anything useful in Clone Wars. Read more

Nov 23

JFC, put the damned ears on the adult versions, too! That men’s jacket is just a regular gray overpriced coat :(

Aug 28

This one really hurts, too. So young, so talented, and he always seemed like such a stand up guy. I fuckin’ hate this goddamn year so much. 

Jul 7

Sarah Jane Smith circa 1976 is a style icon.

She could walk off the TARDIS in 1976 into London or Los Angeles or New York and start trends.

Apr 13

I almost always hate the whole fake documentary/talk to the camera bit, like the Office or Parks & Rec. But in the movie and the show, it works and I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me. Probably get distracted laughing at Matt Berry yelling “BAT!”