Jul 15 2017

If I was good enough to get an endorsement, I’d drink one can then spend the rest of the day refilling that can with water.

Jun 9 2017

Kerr also added: Except for the ‘96 Bulls. Those guys, especially the guys coming off the bench, would have crushed this team.

Apr 28 2017

And the Enchantress is just going to let this happen? The one who was treated like shit by Gaston and the villagers when she was undercover as Agathe? Read more

Mar 8 2017

The data syncs, so I think it will delete your Cloud data. However, in the original Nier, they had a similar trick and I just made a copy of the Saved Data before the playthrough where I knew I’d be asked to delete my data.

Dec 7 2016

Took ballet? That’s fucking stupid and anyone who sings it that way hates Christmas and America.

Dec 5 2016

Sounds like Koch Media issue, not SE. Please change title to make it clearer.

Dec 1 2016

I’m working on my theory, but here’s my first clue this will be the most Meta game ever. I mean. Color scheme alone.

Nov 13 2016

I’m only okay with a monster universe if they keep Luke Evans as Dracula. That movie wasn’t perfect but he was perfect as the character and the dude keeps getting screwed over for franchises and bad movies. He lost out on the Crow by it taking so long the least they could do is give him a decent Dracula.

Nov 11 2016

Agreed re: Nintendo’s handling of their hardware rollouts; they always seem to short-side supply at the initial launch. I have a suspicion that has to do with artificially inflating demand by limiting supply, but, eh, could be anything--even incompetence.

As for the whole “don’t preorder” bit, it’s important to note Read more

Nov 11 2016

Don’t preorder games does not extend to hardware. I always preorder hardware.

Nov 1 2016

It doesn’t matter if you duck to the inside under braking, or lock ‘em up and slide across the apex, a pass is a pass.

Sep 30 2016

Jason, I think you are one of the reasons why I created this account and started commenting here in kotaku. So, with a heavy heart, I must confess something to you. You don’t know how scared I get every time I see you post an article on whatever I am waiting on (game/console) and hoping is not a delay. I still love Read more

Sep 28 2016


Sep 19 2016

That’s why people have to warn others first before they boost, so they don’t get a heart attack seeing their screen zoomed and blue and hearing: Read more

Sep 8 2016

Good news for me. I avoided Funimations site because a lot of it could be found on Hulu. Now I can spend less time jumping between Crunchyroll and Hulu.