Lazlo Woodbine
Feb 11

Especially since ... I never knew her character’s name was Cara Dune.  I don’t know the names of MOST characters on that show.  There’s Mando, Grogu, That Guy Who Was On Breaking Bad, That Guy From Arrested Development Who Talked About Getting A Stew Going, and, of course, who could forget Bill Burr?

Feb 6

The men at the top can still demand sexual favors in exchange for career opportunities though, right? Without that, what’s the point of even having Fox News?

Jan 25

I walked into dailies to review one of my shots on Daylight, and sat down next to Cohen and some supervisors. I said hello and told him my name, and mentioned I had ALSO worked on his last film, Dragonheart. Read more

Dec 12

What the fuck does remedial mean? Are they going to take back part of the pay check? “Hey, Joss, we’re docking you 40 percent of your pay from 3 years ago. Our venmo is @Warner_dumbfuck_McCoy.

Dec 10

I don’t like shattered glass. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.”

Dec 9

There was a thing that was well known as being that way, and, as you know, well, you know how it turned out. So now that person who wrote the other thing says : “It’s like, you know, i think, well, that thing, the other thing is not quite, sort of, like, it’s, yeah, but, because i feel they didn’t, it’s almost the Read more

Dec 8

You know, back in MY day we only had one season of Firefly, AND WE WERE GLAD TO HAVE IT.

Dec 3

I mean, it’s probably fine. I think I remember reading that Denis Villeneuve actually prefers for people to watch his films on their phones. Or something like that. Look, I don’t remember the exact details, but it was definitely something about movies and presentation and I’m pretty sure phones were mentioned. Read more

Nov 29

All I can think of when I see Daleks now is Alex Jones talking about how the UK has real ones running around with a covid testing swab at the end of one arm and a gun to ensure compliance in the other.

Nov 27

If I had to guess, it’s setting up a spin-off with Ahsoka and Sabine searching for Ezra and Thrawn, and this is the show that Rahul Kohli has been implying that he’s a part of as Ezra. If this episode is any indication of how that might look, then it’s going to be incredible. My only hope is that they go the Bo-Katan Read more

Nov 27

I do like when they cut out the middleman and just cast a stunt person as a character who has a big fight scene.