Mar 7 2015
Big Game

How I didn't know about this movie? And how sure we are that this is not a Funny or Die video?

Feb 16 2015
Turbo Kid

You broke the cup of your blender and don't have any use for it now? Here is some life hacking for extra uses.

Dec 9 2014

I pay netflix, crunchyroll, cable and buy dvds and blurays. But you know what is that I mainly buy? Thing that I

Sep 10 2014

Ok, are the Winchesters suffering from intense memory loss? They actually question themselves how something can be real and fake at the same time, when in episode 17 back on season one they found a ghost that wasn't a ghost because it was a fake story that turned real.

Aug 16 2014

My cell has been stolen, by two guys that are most probably underage. Because I been transfered to a store that is

Jun 3 2014
Nixon on Genre

It seems that Richard Nixon is the favorite president to use on genre (or that would be Lincoln?). Which one is your

Apr 19 2014
Rainbow ants

I remember learning about how to die white flowers with colored liquids, but doing it with ants seems so much more

Feb 24 2014
The Walkman

A question to the older people of the odeck, as I think that the babies around here wont ever even touched a

Jan 25 2014
Crystal Skull

Apparently, Skull Crystals are computer chips from Atlantis. Except of course for the part that no skull crystal in