Nov 22

There’s no way this is a daily driver for that whole time. Parking tickets happen sooner or later, especially in cities. Read more

Nov 22

OTOH... 30 years without an accident, a police stop OR a fine. That’s mighty impressive any way you cut it. Unless the driver is a cicada and goes out every 17 years.

Nov 20

I’d say Newton would go Code Brown first. As written, Lincoln was amazingly tech-savvy for this time period of the 1840s-1865 with the proliferation of steam boats and locomotives hauling passengers as decent speeds. He loved the telegraph and its near-instantaneous communication with his generals. He was all fired up Read more

Nov 18

Having built a 90s era CRX with forced induction... Please do tell me about the very real tradeoffs that would have made me not want to do that.

Nov 7

It’s the Czechs that design Skodas. VAG is the parent group, but Skoda do their own designing, they get the MQB platform, drivetrain and entertainment system and tweak each to their requirements but it’s done in their own design department. Read more

Nov 5

Since 1964!? Daytona? 330P4? Dino 246? 355? 360? 575? 641?

Outlandish claim here.

Nov 5

I just want to say your 430 take is bad and you should feel bad.

Otherwise, yeah sure. 

Nov 4

Looks real good. The lease on my current BRZ ends right when this releases so I may have to trade up depending on the power difference. 

Oct 31

Props to Jerod for not denying anything and just going straight at doing it again, and inviting the 3 big youtubers who put out the videos discrediting the official Top Gear video.

Oct 30

1. Remove electric motor
2. Ship separately as parts
3. Reinstall motor, register as “assembled” or “kit car
4. Write a million blog posts about it while simultaneously avoiding customs for obvious fraud
5. Profit?

Oct 30

And for laid-back cruising music, just about anything by Steely Dan hits the spot for me.  And if it’s dark, “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Bros. works perfectly.

Oct 29

Plot twist, all the numbers are just KMH with the KMH scribbled out and MPH in crayon in their place.

Everything makes a lot more sense that way.