As someone who makes 3D models of humanoid mechs, I can tell you that making one this flexible while still retaining the robot look is a feat of engineering. It’s extremely hard to make limbs that have such a range of articulation when you have a crap load of rigid armor than can’t bend. Read more

When I beat the game I was legit terrified and excited, I’ve been feeding on FF7 Lore for about...18 years so its like a shock that now we’re taking the scenic route to the same location.

Me too! I cancelled my preorder which I got a discount on the price to only later cancel it in fear I’d not receive it on time and paid for the digital version on PSN at full price. It would be nice if they released early since it’s obviously ready ... Read more

Just got my shipment notification from square store, hoping ups doesn’t pull a...ups... And add a delay for no reason Read more

Hojo’s got the moves like Jagger. It’s the only explanation.
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Gita, you have been one of the best parts of this website. I’m glad you are leaving on your own volition. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Keep letting your light shine. Read more

I was also confused by including Tyron - the character is treated as shittily as any other character in the show (and books) and that shitty treatment focused on his weaknesses, just the same for any other character. The character has complicated storylines that are far beyond the fact that he’s disabled and Dinklige Read more

Ellestra in turn reminded me that we were both apparently half right: Read more

I came to say this. I won’t say it’s perfect, but it’s really clear Yennefer’s situation isn’t clear cut. What is clear is that the choice to be conventionally beautiful doesn’t make her happy, and that the fact she was reaching for that solution to start with is the result of her emotional trauma. Read more

This article is ignoring the complicated psychology of the character in order to satisfy the thesis. The author even acknowledges that the show depicts the power and sexuality of Yennefer. Other characters are basically telling her that she’s fine the way she is but she doesn’t believe them or in herself. Read more

Yennefer’s transformation is just one of several media performances wherein a disabled person is magically cured to promote the idea that normality equals physically abled. Read more

If you mean the non boss things in Soul Sanctum? Till I upgraded the nail a second time, I usually just ran past em.

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Generally cyberpunk as a genre deals with the internet.
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