2:50 PM

Part of the core beliefs of whiteness is their exceptionalism. It’s the belief in an ideal kind of fictional man that most of them never even strive to be. While that’s what they’re told, what they are taught and see every day is toxic masculinity. And in that way that author had on two sets of blinders. He can’t see Read more

1:46 PM

It’s not just that he’s white. White people sneer at, mock, ostracize, and generally hate on other white people all the time. It’s that he DELIVERS RACISM and THAT is the priority to his base. This is what gets me when writers and thinkers wring their hands in befuddlement, like Nichols is doing, about how Trump’s Read more

12:48 PM

Joe Biden has been making these kinds of gaffes for 40 years because he is a white man in America.“ Read more

7:39 PM

“Hey sweetie, I think you made a mistake and accidentally took my mail, do you mind checking?”  SEE HOW FUCKING EASY AND NOT-RACIST AND NOT-ASSAULT-ON-A-MINOR THAT IS?!?!  Throw the book at this bitch, seriously.  Jail time

1:31 PM

Thank you for this, Cate. A brilliantly insightful review. You’ve expressed what so many of us would like to say, and laid out the sickness we’re tired of seeing in our TV and movie screens! Barris’s pathetic clawing for white approval and white dollars (another way to gain their approval) is glaring in all of his Read more

3:48 PM

Ee-zactly. People who favor paranoid theories about RADIATION don’t grasp that radiation isn’t one malevolent thing. It’s an entire spectrum of energy that exists pretty much everywhere in the universe. If all radiation were as instantly deadly as they think it is life as we understand it wouldn’t have evolved.

3:16 PM

you want to know what ‘lack of experience’ means, just look at the current gang of major fucks up sucking up to special interest all on personal power trips.  Look at all of those already fired or resigned to see what kind of damage someone lacking experience gives us. 

12:57 PM

As a Georgian who supported her gubernatorial bid, no. Please just go run for Senate, where we need you and you’re qualified, Stacey!! While ambition and self-preparation is great, they are not experience, and we need experience. Read more

12:26 PM

I like Stacey Abrams, but she’s less experienced than Mayor Pete or Beto who were both mocked by many for presuming they were ready to be President, what makes Abrams any more qualified than they were? 

3:53 PM

Ha ha ha! I saw this one polo-shirt-wearing snap-back-hat jerk stretching out with his WTF-iron and I said to myself, “Self, what would a busy-body white lady do in this instance?” and I pulled out the old cell phone and called the po po

3:35 PM

I think you answered your own question. If you’re raised a Becky, it’s Beckydom. If you catch it, it’s Beckyitis, which can be temporarily cured with a sharp laying on of hands, a-pow-pow.

10:26 AM

It’s gotten to the point where people cannot be trusted to do the right thing. I mean here you have a grown ass woman coughing all over the place. That’s a shitty thing to do in good times, but during a global pandemic, that woman has lost her god damn mind. I think public transportation is going to come to a grinding Read more