7/10/20 10:13AM

I recently went through my old inbox emails and looked up conversations with my ex 50+ year old boyfriend. At the time I was 25, and they sincerely grossed me out so bad.

Ten years later and I am married to someone else with kids, and I can’t believe 25 year old me thought I was going to marry a 50 year old man who Read more

7/10/20 10:03AM

As someone who loves Florence Pugh, that relationship, and her reaction to the criticism she gets, makes me so sad. She takes it all as an attack on her and her ability to make her own choices as an adult, when it’s not that at all. It is the gross ass man in a relationship with someone half his age—taking advantage Read more

7/09/20 9:29PM

Resuming games is incredibly dangerous. The coronavirus can be transmitted through breath alone; one of the factors that makes it so contagious. The more forceful the breath (loud talking vs low talking), the greater the possibility of the virus being transmitted. Athletes who are forcefully exhaling and inhaling will Read more

7/01/20 3:12PM

That is some Lovecraftian ‘And The Crops Will Not Fail’ weirdness right there, but... racist?  I’m confused.

6/08/20 3:12PM

Fuck you for trying to remove racism for what’s going on in this story, at Refinery 29 and, in Fashion.

5/21/20 3:38PM

Which is her way of taking issue with what she perceives as the definition of feminism. A definition that, by the way, does not exist. Read more

5/21/20 1:42PM

1) She could have absolutely stated her points without bringing the other artists into the conversation. 2) Is this really the hill she wants to die on? Read more

5/21/20 1:33PM

It just seems like she could probably lighten up on it a bit. Like, I don’t know anyone who thinks she’s actually going to meet up with her Hell’s Angel boyfriend once she finishes her shift bartending at the VFW or whatever.

4/08/20 2:02PM

Joe Biden is a rapist. If that's purity testing, sorry, I'm all for it

4/08/20 2:01PM

A catalyst?  Marriage equality was won in the courts, by plaintiffs fighting shitty laws like DOMA, which Biden voted for. Biden deserves credit for coming around to the right side of the issue, and doing so ahead of many in the Democratic Party establishment, including, shamefully, Obama and Clinton. But to say he Read more

4/08/20 1:40PM

It’s disgusting to hear Biden thank Sanders for challenging the Powers That Be when Biden himself represents those same Powers That Be in so many ways. I was always in Elizabeth Warren’s camp but am more saddened than ever that I have to vote for this person who has done practically nothing to further social progress Read more

4/06/20 5:06PM

Well fuck me I guess, I thought the article was interesting, even in the midst of this global disaster. Read more

3/24/20 7:39PM

The environmental remediation company my husband works for has been been working from home since last week, I guess someone went into the office, because they discovered that all the N95 masks, and size XL nitrile gloves were stolen. No break in, so an employee, who’s most likely a man, who knew where the masks and Read more

3/20/20 3:59PM

I’m wondering when the Covid-19 suicides will start. Probably they already have. Suicide rates have been going up for twenty years and they always spike during depressions and recessions. Forty-eight thousand people killed themselves intentionally in 2018. Unless there are some drastic changes it’s gonna be way more Read more

3/20/20 3:37PM

This is the best thing you’ve ever written on Jezebel. Please stop writing about celebrities – you’re bad at it. Please stop writing about sex – you’re bad it. Please keep writing about your own life and about disenfranchisement and society – this is really good.

3/17/20 5:18PM

You can tell half of these commenters were all "B-b-b-but...!" before they finished the first paragraph

3/17/20 3:40PM

Thank you for articulating all this erasure and spin. You outlined my frustration, and that of many, many others. When I went to the LA Sanders rally, I saw every kind of American in attendance. For exactly the reasons you address. I hope this article gets the attention it deserves! Heck yeah, I want a revolution. Read more