May 5

Hey Bill, did that homeless shelter ever call you back to come pick up your tacky ass Big Lots furniture yet? 

May 4

And yet somehow you, Rudy, the Kraken, Donnie Boy, #CreepyTucker and all the Q-dorks can’t seem to find a single actual example of voter fraud by Democrats other than the preachings from your Q-god on YouTube (live & direct from his mom’s basement).

May 3

Oh my fucking God, burn this motherfucker alive. Anything short of that isn’t sending the right fucking message. Read more

Apr 28

Cheating on your husband is not “polyamory” it’s just being a a straight up cunt. I wonder, if the roles between Jada and Will had been reversed, do you think he’d be able to flaunt it online for all the world to see, to the celebration of “woke” blog websites across the net? Read more

Apr 23

When she got to the house, Perkins says her daughter had marks on her face and was missing some hair. Read more

Apr 21

The mental gymnastics in defending a person lunging with a knife inches from a victim is pretty alarming. 

Apr 3

Durat didn’t apologise for his language, he apologised for it being made public. This is no different than “I’m sorry you were offended” and I honestly have difficulty deciding which is worse. Read more

Apr 1

“The Texans are intentionally tanking their players’ value and also possibly getting him banned from the league” Read more

Mar 30

Ex-junkie here-19 years sober. I’ll say the same thing here that I said on the NYT review of his book: this guy is most likely a junky and doesn’t know it, and the really sad part is that he’s getting paid to be a junky researcher and book-writer, which means he is going to keep doing drugs until it kills him. I don’t Read more

Mar 30

70% of heroin and meth users are not addicts and only use those drugs recreationally with no negative impact on their lives?  Uh.  I’m gonna call 100% bullshit on this one.