Jun 23

I’m an Android person all the way and I’m glad to see all this stuff coming to iOS. If they don’t build off each other, there’s nothing to drive the other to improve. Without one, you’re stuck with the other sitting idle maybe tweaking things here and there. Having similar feature sets in both pushes them to do things Read more

Jun 19

If you can swing it you absolutely can’t do better than a concept2. That thing will last you FOREVER no matter what you do to it - there’s a reason every crew team uses them. Up side, they tend to keep their value. I snagged mine used off craigslist for a few hundred bucks off retail and it was a good deal.

Jun 15

What are you talking about? They still wave the Confederate flag during the last lap.

Jun 8

Honestly, I’m not sure that this is as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. Really all it’s doing is letting certain websites you’re visiting see that you’re using Brave, and they can already do that via other methods (i.e. user agent strings). Read more

May 31

“... spending billions of dollars in public funds on grand, extraterrestrial gestures.”

May 31

Ah, my apologies. I shall inform Reuters that they need to reprimand the head of their Russia news desk (who literally wrote this from Moscow) because Google Translate says her translation is wrong.

May 25

Too late to edit: I had to search my memory to remember, sorry, but the 1 in 1000 number I remember from the lunar mission study was for failure exclusively from MMOD I think, so not really applicable to the way I used it for comparison.

May 25

1 out of 68 was the actual frequency of failure (2 out of 135, I think). You’d have to be insane to fly a vehicle if you thought that was the expected frequency of failure. Originally NASA had figured the first test flight had a chance of Loss of Crew (LOC) of 1/500 at worst (and that was the first test flight, after Read more

May 19

The goal of this technology is not to completely obfuscate your browsing history. It’s to prevent man in the middle attacks for DNS requests. This is where somebody hijacks your message and alters the messages that are returned to the sender. Perhaps sending you to a phishing site instead of the site you want to go.

May 19

That’s why the SSME’s were angled out a bit. While asymmetrical it still put all that force through the center of gravity.  You can also see something like that on the A-10 Warthog with it’s engines angled a bit upward.  

May 19

I think these really give you a good sense of scale with the Falcon 9 and make you realize just how crazy it is that they land these things upright on the ground from orbit.

May 6

I’m no Enterprise booster but I’ll say to most people who skipped it...It’s better than Voyager. Though the Voyager cast is more diversely interesting, Enterprise is a more fun show when it’s not being boring or rehashing Voyager storylines. Read more

Feb 21

At first I was going to call-out the apparent misspelling of Enroll in the Advanced Protection screenshot, but it seems that one “l” is the preferred spelling outside of North America!

Dec 3

She probably doesn’t an accent because she’s a super-trained spy. Can’t have your covert agents sound like they’re chasing Moose and Squirrel; kind of a give-away.