Bunty Brown
Nov 16 2018

I just picked up a Stinger GT AWD last month... LOVING it so far. Debated waiting on the G70 as I think the interior is much nicer and, well, it seems a bit more on the sophisticated side. But now having seen it up close, I can’t say the styling is as nice or as distinctive as the Stinger. Dig the diamond stitching

Nov 9 2018

So for the same money you could have a reliable straight-6...or Audi’s timing-chain-behind-the-god-damn-engine rattling nightmare that is the S4 V8 engine? This is a bad idea.

Nov 9 2018

Very true about the VANOS point. It would never bent the valve stems or cause a situation where this would be possible. Folks drive with bad VANOS units all the time, until they get the solenoid or seals replaced. I will add to your point that, part of the S54s maintenance were valve adjustments. If the valve Read more

Nov 5 2018

BMW offered manuals on most flavors of the F3x 3 and 4 series, (except the Touring and GT) and the take rate kept dropping to rounding errors except on the M3/4. It doesn’t make sense for BMW to develop transmission options no one will buy. Read more

Nov 3 2018

They don’t “need” to...every one is sold so advertising lap times isn’t needed to move them. The 911 GT2 RS is only “limited production” in the sense that they will only make as many as they sell, there is no set number they expect to meet, but they would love to sell a bunch more to those that car about lap times Read more

Oct 26 2018

Unfortunately I think we feared/knew this was coming, but it was still a huge punch to the gut to have it confirmed :(  Read more

Oct 9 2018

Man I remember when a few years ago, the E46 was everyone’s internet whipping boy for being too fat and complicated and the last REAL 3-series was the E30 and the E36 was for peasants who liked complicated things like “Crumple zones” and “OBD Diagnostics”.

Oct 9 2018

The part where BMW makes a shitload of money selling cars that aren’t “decent”.