Bull Moose
Jan 22 2016

Fun story; I sold his wife (then fiancée) a car back in like 2007, and she could not have been nicer. I had no idea who she was until a friend of mine who went to high school with her told me.

Jan 22 2016

Well, it should be no surprise considering all the wide-open uncontested looks they get. It’s not like they’ll draw a charge or anything.

Nov 10 2015

That’s a really good point actually. You’ll likely see no replies.

Nov 10 2015

Yeah, and all people that live in the southeast should have thought of hurricanes before living there. Everyone in the midwest should have thought of tornadoes. Everyone in California should have thought of earthquakes. Everyone on any coast should be thinking about rising sea levels. Read more

Nov 10 2015

Almost like we shouldn’t be putting out the fires.

Nov 4 2015

You’re considering moving out of state, seemingly seeking better care for your autistic son. But you won’t consider Ohio because they didn’t legalize marijuana use. Wow. You have a stellar grasp on priorities.

Nov 3 2015

Her own version of the events is poking holes in the story she posted on Tumblr. She and a friend were in a fight with a couple, she maced them, and then got indignant when the bar they happened to be in front of wanted nothing to do with their noise? It seems like she has a massive chip on her shoulder, what with Read more

Oct 20 2015

Youve really been out of it mate. Since Mao’s death, China’s ‘communism’ make US capitalism seem bloody socialist in comparison.

Oct 15 2015

The article suggests that all women are having terrible casual sex because men aren’t attentive and giving lovers. Read more

Oct 6 2015

Yeah, if you think “the prequels were an insult” then go get punched in the face.

Oct 5 2015

Is the source for this material the 2016 GOP Platform?