8/16/19 8:03PM

Sacrificing your business to maintain a standard like that makes about as much sense as trying to eat soup with a fork.

8/16/19 11:43AM

Banning cell phones would most likely cause customers to go elsewhere. Additionally, jamming cell phone signals, in the United States, is a violation of federal law.

8/15/19 6:59PM

I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree on the relevancy of the topic and thank you for the advice.

8/15/19 5:33PM

I see your point and I don’t disagree. What I’m trying to say is, regardless of gender, does anyone want unsolicited advice? I don’t think that the gender factor changes the overall message of the article. Read more

8/15/19 5:20PM

I do agree those are valid issues but an article titled “When Is It Okay to Tell Someone They’re Doing Something Wrong in the Gym?” hardly seems like the platform to begin discussing those topics. Those topics seem to be a deviation from the ultimate point of the article. The reason I feel genders’ role being a factor Read more

8/14/19 2:42PM

I guess if you only go to the gym to lift weights, sure. What about those who go to the gym for cardio or yoga? Read more

8/14/19 1:38PM

Why did we have to bring gender into this with “mansplaining?” It’s 2019, you don’t know if what you think is a man explaining something to you identifies as a man, maybe that’s a woman! Read more

8/07/19 11:43AM

Shaq looks so stoned in that picture, he’d probably eat anything at that point.

8/07/19 10:46AM

I’d agree with taking the time to make an educated decision but at the same time, I’m not necessarily convinced that those statistics paint an accurate picture because the retention rates assume students enrolled in college that stay with college which sounds great, 90% is impressive!
Read more

8/06/19 12:37AM

Messing with the WiFi is more trouble than it’s worth. The squatter might not even be on the internet and if they are, who’s to say they’re not on a different WiFi network of an adjacent building or on their own WiFi sharing via their phone? Just not worth the hassle. Read more

8/02/19 7:31PM

No, I think you may be right on that one! I do love me a busted up taco though! Especially if there’s rice, it’s absolutely delicious!

8/02/19 10:25AM

This article did not mention high school, it’s entirely possible that the teenager is home schooled or possibly even dropped out. Read more

8/01/19 7:09PM

You can’t keep your kids in a magical bubble where negativity and sucky things in life just don’t exist. It’s not reality and in the long run, if you don’t allow them to fall or even fail and be there to help them get back up and try again, what are they going to do when you’re gone? Read more

7/31/19 5:19PM

I’m not a lawyer by any means but why is it OK to advertise the terms of this settlement like this. Many people likely select the $125 option because it’s advertised as such when in reality, you might end up with a check for $2.50. Read more

7/30/19 6:31PM

Agreed! Like, what is that stuff made out of and why does it need to be disguised as a burger to be bought and sold? Couldn’t we just have whatever it is, look and taste like whatever it is and still be happy about it? Read more

7/30/19 6:28PM

I eat just about everything but for whatever reason, never had a desire to eat a fake cheeseburger. When I want a cheeseburger, I want the real thing. When I want veggies, I prefer a salad or something else with veggies. Read more