Jan 9 2018

I don’t blame men. I don’t blame women. I do, however, think it’s ridiculous that they can all stand there and think how powerful and aware they are because they dressed in black and gave these prepared sound bite speeches. Hollywood’s galaxy wide ego in itself of how powerful and righteous they are just gives me a Read more

Jan 9 2018

Exactly, if one of these men used the podium to speechify, the article would be: “Note to Hollywood Men, for just 3 hours on one night, it was your time to shut up and listen, but you couldn’t do it”.

Jan 8 2018

Perhaps he thought people would jump on him for mansplaining or talking out of place. I’d say it’s a 50/50 bet that if he had made a speech he’d have got his own snarky article on Jezebel.

Jan 1 2018

I lost all respect for McCarthy years ago when he blamed a playoff loss on a mistake by a special teamer rather than his own late game play-calling cowardice.

Aug 7 2017

Japan actually leaves out a lot of stuff from the WW2 education.

Aug 6 2017

Of course they did. Part of the conditions imposed on them after they lost the war included only having enough to defend themselves. They’d been pretty belligerent with their neighbors even before WW2 and the US and Allies wanted to be sure that they’d settle down for as long as possible. Read more

Aug 6 2017

Did they stop covering WW2 in high school? I don’t remember my teacher going into the occupation much but it was pretty obvious why they never got nukes, no? Read more

Mar 10 2017

What a hero! A “regular” person who has made a huge impact on his community and the world. Thanks for the article.

Mar 10 2017

Yeah I said this somewhere deep in the greys... Like I am happy for a kick-ass woman MI6 agent but why does there still have to be a typical “Bond-girl” for her to bed... seems unnecessarily male-gazey in an otherwise fun looking movie

Feb 28 2017

What makes this even better is that Karen Pence inadvertently joined in.

Feb 14 2017

So you’re saying that people are incapable of change and all manners of protest and dialogue are completely futile?

Jan 24 2017

i was one of the people pitying her, up until i read this article and your comment. i had never thought about how attributing victimhood and helplessness to her is a disservice both to her and other women. Read more

Jan 24 2017

Thank you for this. A woman isn’t lacking in agency just because she’s making decisions you don’t agree with. I might concede that she’s in over her head, but to cast her as someone so blank that she can’t muster up the power to make her own decisions is a disservice to both her, and other women like her. Just because Read more

Jan 23 2017

alternative theory based on Ivanka’s expression (grinning wider, raising her eyebrows) is that Trump was looking directly at the woman he WISHED was his wife but sadly he isn’t a Lannister.