Sean Buckley
Jun 29 2016

Um, yes everyone hates you except for Gawker, since 2009 Read more

Jun 18 2015

I’ll check Lycos to see if Angelfire or Geocities can host us. Wanna start a webring? Read more

Jun 18 2015

“I couldn’t leave the poor old book behind, dooming it to the recycling bin.” I’ve taken home a LOT of books for exactly that reason! Also, that “Disaster of the Day” site actually sounds pretty cool. Can we bring that back?

Jun 10 2015

People are using the right shift key?

Jun 4 2015

The Pink slime was proven to be a hoax ... can we please just move on. That is NOT real.

Jun 1 2015

Just a car full of food.

May 31 2015

Funny, I had no problem seeing and recognizing it instantly... then again, darkness is necessary when it comes to what that thing is for.

May 19 2015

No no no noooonoooooono run run run RUUUUUUUNNNN.

May 15 2015

Luckily for you, I have photoshop skills.

May 14 2015

Uh, I own a few expensive, classy analog watches, and I want smart features, but I don’t want to give up my automatic movements.

May 13 2015

I wear a normal, cheap analog watch every single day. I am also a bit of a gadget geek and own a smartphone because this is the 21st century. I really like the idea of having a normal adult watch but also having work emails/text messages, map directions pop up on a band on my wrist. Read more

May 13 2015

“Watches are awesome, ancient technology.”

May 11 2015

I thought the sign was a fairly good example. The older photo is blown out, low contrast, not sharp, and worst of all has a ton of chromatic aberration going on.

May 1 2015

Texting in the shower is for noobs.

Apr 30 2015

I just tried one here at Build. Here are some thoughts if anyone is interested. Read more

Apr 29 2015

How about they start with Xbox exclusive games ported to PC, and then see how it goes from there.