Oct 31

This site has made money for a long time, and they cancelled the objectively most “money-making” portions of it. Get fucked and tell your boss at G/O to stop making you post these. 

Aug 24

This is what I’m idly thinking. How easy or difficult would it be for Drew, Burneko, Roth and a couple more idiots/friends to rent an office, get a few computers at a bankruptcy auction somewhere and just start fresh, from the ground up?  And not crank out articles to service a debt, but to build something of their Read more

Aug 23

Internet commentariats are not necessarily accurate representation of the parent sites, absolutely, and nor are they necessarily accurate samples of the readership at large, and that must be kept in mind. Read more

Aug 23

Must be nice to be rich enough that you (checks notes) never have to be a functioning adult able to deal with adversity.

Aug 23

With all of the nonsense surrounding this debacle, Megan’s recounting of passing this douchebag in the hallway angers me more than anything. The adults in the room indeed.

Aug 23

That’s why I love Deadspin. If I want “stick to sports” mayonnaise, I’ll go to fucking ESPN. Fuck Barstool, though. I’d never voluntarily wade in a trash can. Read more

Aug 23

I don’t even know where this “let’s try and market shit to as many people as possible” idea even comes from. It pervades whole industries and I just don’t understand why, in an age where being niche is probably more popular and profitable that ever, that these morons still insist on making something as deliberately Read more

Aug 23

I’ve been an active Gawker media commenter for more than a decade. Started at Jalopnik, found a voice on Gawker, and was very grateful to find a whole ecosystem of content, and creators, and commenters, and culture. Deadspin has admirably, more than any other site, carried that torch. But this is a breaking point for Read more

Aug 23

Yeah, it’s nice to see the evidence backs up the gut feeling that many commenters have discussed over the years - that the site’s point of view and political pieces are its strengths, not a necessary evil tagging along. (Internet commentariats are not necessarily accurate representations of their parent sites, but it Read more

Aug 23

Never, ever underestimate a mediocre, rich white man’s desire to stare huge sums of money in the face, have people practically screaming “THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO TAKE MY MONEY FROM ME AND I WILL GLADLY GIVE IT TO YOU”...and then say “nah, I’ll do what I want even if it loses me money in the end.” Read more

Aug 23

This may sound strange, but when I visit the site I feel like I’m amongst friends. I’ve obviously not met any of the writers, but after spending a decade reading their work and watching them evolve and grow through the years I feel personally invested in the site. I’m eager to read the personal tone of each Read more

Aug 23

As someone who works in PR, and who oversees ad buys on social media and web platforms, I literally let out a laugh when you mentioned the word “pageviews.” No one who does this job pays a lot of attention to pageviews as a stand-alone metric any longer. That hasn’t been our model for years. Read more

Aug 23

The money it’s costing them is penciled in.  As long as they turn a profit murdering something they didn’t create, and couldn’t create they’re more than satisfied and however this shakes out, they’ll think of it as one more in a long line of successes that they earned.

Aug 23

I come to these sites for the great writing, and I’ll follow those writers wherever they end up.