7/25/18 10:25AM

Shortly after that, a man pulled up in a white Prius, laughing and yelling something about a “187 in the park” (slang referencing section 187 of the California Penal Code which defines the crime of murder) before speeding off.
Read more

7/09/18 11:25AM

“I could explain it to you, but you’d either too stupid or in denial to comprehend it, so why waste my breath?”

So you tacitly admit that you CAN’T explain it.
I thought so! 

6/26/18 1:53PM

Ismael Jimenez, who is a member of Black Lives Matter Philly, said himself, black people are always a threat Read more

6/20/18 12:05PM

Is anyone allowed to vote in Evergreen State University’s Junior Class Treasurer race?

6/18/18 9:31AM

Ah, the misuse of language. An immigrant child is a child whose parents apply in their home country to relocate to the United States. After given permission they arrive through a legal port of entry and present the documentation showing they have been welcomed to come live here. Those children remain with their Read more

6/17/18 4:57PM

Yeah, that’s the answer.... censorship. We can’t ask Americans to be smart enough to recognize total bullshit. We must limit American access to the bullshit. You people are fucking insane sheep.

6/15/18 12:29PM

Biased media company complains about other media company’s biases. News at 11.

6/14/18 9:05AM

So given there is zero evidence of this, it is basically fake news to pump up attendance at the rally.

6/06/18 3:25PM

The framing of the case has been extremely dishonest everywhere I’ve seen it mentioned. You would think Johnson was a little old lady who had some medical marijuana, instead of being a major cocaine trafficker also convicted of money laundering. You can argue that being a major cocaine trafficker shouldn’t come with Read more

6/05/18 9:34AM

This was obviously fake from the getgo, but gotta get that click revenue from your plebes!! Read more

5/21/18 10:51AM

Congratulations you have found the dumbest thing to be offended by!