Bryce H(Wants an M coupe)
3/04/16 4:18PM

I have 2 questions. One, not to be intrusive but does the Jalopnik writing pay for the Aston or do you have a side business or something. Also, are you going to get a new Range Rover when Maxcare runs out?

2/24/16 3:01PM

First comment, I would like to say that you are truly a great writer and an inspiration to me. Also, this was hilarious.

2/12/16 3:03PM

Great article as usual, I have read plays with cars and am in the middle of the other one, you are my favorite writer and truly an inspiration.

2/10/16 2:25PM

I really enjoy your articles and you are really an inspiration, the idea of 2 unreliable British cars as the only means of transportation will be entertaining. Sometime, I would love to meet you in person. Also, could you ungrey me?

2/09/16 3:15PM

Great article, I agree with you that Audi should sell the high performance cars here, but would environmental regulations stop us from getting the sq5 tdi. Also, I think they sell enough s3s to realize what every other automaker has realized which is, an suv version of anything will sell better so the rs q3 would Read more