Bryce H(Wants an M coupe)
Mar 26 2016

Probably My Tuned x3 would do fine but The guy who has the z06, the m3, and the 911. Maybe the guy with the m6 gran coupe and the i8.

Mar 20 2016

Thanks, I have many, many die-cast cars but really want to start an organized collection. I have loved cars since I was young and die cast cars were the closest thing to the real thing and I have collected over time.

Mar 18 2016

Gawker just lost a huge lawsuit for 115 million because hulk hogan sued over a sex tape of him screwing bubba the love sponges wife.

Mar 14 2016

Wait, you have an outback that did this too? My old one would do the same thing and then the catalytic converters failed at 65 mph and it jumped and redlined the engine, then proceeded to make funny sounds. It was going 15 mph on the interstate. Now I have a Nissan Rouge. I also have an x3 and a z4 though.