Bryce Womeldurf
11:26 AM

Looks like I'll be getting back to scuffing knuckles and bruising my ego soon. I just bought a Miata that's old enough to vote! WOOOO!!

2:37 PM

Sort of relevant to #ferrarifriday I drove a Ferrari for the first time ever, last week. An F430 as well as a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. More photos and video on my blog.

5:52 PM

Thanks to my wife, I got to have my first experience behind the wheel of a supercar, two supercars really, this week. She got me 4 laps in a Gallardo Spyder for xmas and then when we got there, I decided to add 4 laps of the F430 as well. And then I lucked out, because the memory car that was supposed to be recording

2:54 AM

The Supra seems improved in Horizon. I still had to use the aspiration glitch to get rid of the turbo, because the boost was not gradual enough. But it was good enough to outrun the Scud.

9:46 PM

Today was day 2 of my vacation. I got an article published on Hooniverse. Yeah, today was a pretty good day!

8:33 AM

I just heard on the news that Top Gear is filming on a bridge in my home town. I thought they were down in Mexico, but I guess they must have finished. I wish I didn't have to work today.

3:45 PM

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I got to meet a fellow Jalop (Jetstar88) in person. We both went to Cars & Cigars last night at Jaguar of Tampa, where I got to shoot the car that is his Jalop handle namesake, along with a Mustang Boss 302, a custom Porsche, and a few Fisker Karmas. More photos here: