Broken Wrenches
Aug 11 2017

Well, it is the name of a municipality (where the plate was issued).

May 8 2017

i know it’s kinda stupid in a lot full of exotics, but these three were the most impressive for me. those 3's overall worth probably adds up to a single random lambo/ferrari, but they just seem like so much more fun than any ferrari or lambo

Feb 9 2017

I’m confident that this move was in no way motivated by the desire to show you 98 commercials during the breaks between heats.

Jan 6 2017

I will lobby for my most anticipated movie Fast and Furious 8 coming out in April, which is a superior quasi-genre franchise to xXx, even sans Paul Walker (RIP). Read more

Jan 6 2017

This is now an 80's Japanese concept car thread. Prepare yourself.

Jan 5 2017

“In ten years when most cars and stoplights have them it’ll be great, but you can’t demonstrate it without building a miniature city or funding a real city putting all the sensors/communicators in. Several other companies are much further along with the (more important (in the short term)) actual driving part.” Read more

Jan 4 2017

I’m a little surprised Titanfall 2 didn’t make the cut.

Dec 9 2016

Maybe it should be called “we’ve come a long way since a single truck driver took out our entire team”

Nov 21 2016

The little window just behind the A pillar actually improves visibility and helps to meet vision targets. If you compare 2 vehicles, 1 with sail mounted mirrors (Ford Focus) and one with door mounted (Ford Fiesta), the door mounted mirrors will give better Front Corner Visibility.

Nov 17 2016

You’d think someone who’s being so needlessly pedantic would know that “crossover” is short for “crossover sport utility vehicle.”

Oct 13 2016

If you ever find yourself in this situation, (you shouldn’t, a car should never be worth risking your life unless the car is going to save your life) and you literally have no other options, please at least put the removed wheel under the brake rotor.

Aug 31 2016

I thought they solved the problem of people watching Top Gear illegally by firing Clarkson and hiring Chris Evans.

Jun 17 2016

Settings/Display & Map/Alerts on Route/Toggle off “Hazard on Shoulder” and whatever else you want to turn off. Read more