Feb 8 2017

The generic movie trailer music completely ruined the video. Made it seem like the introduction to a cheesy reality TV competition where the host is driving to the exotic location for the first time.

Feb 1 2017

Damn it! I came here to say it looked like Shumacher went to Auto Zone and picked up a hood scoop before hitting the track, then I come on here see your comment, with a beautiful Italian accent and everything. Well done Sir, well done.

Jan 29 2017

That looks so unbelievably dangerous, I can’t believe any 4-H fair or officially recognized organization would ever host this event. With that said, I freaking love it lol. That impact at the 0:47-48 mark. Wow.

Jan 29 2017

Taking off shoes before jumping in water is par for the course.

Jan 29 2017

He didn’t hit anything. Actually pretty inconsistent. I’m sure he’ll get rebuked at the next blue oval owners social.

Jan 23 2017

If anyone buys a Bentley Flying Spur through Wal-Mart, please document the process so it can be shown on

Jan 19 2017

It’s Thursday. Do you know what that means? It means it’s time to get out there and drive like a champion today!

Jan 17 2017

Wait, are you saying that you clicked on an article with “Chelsea Manning” in the title, read all the way through with that same name and exclusively she/her pronouns, then promptly forgot all of that once you reached the comments section? That’s either a lie or a serious medical condition.

Jan 17 2017

Ugh... I want to explain the difference between Foxtrot Alpha and Jalopnik at large to you but I really don’t have the energy right now.

Jan 15 2017

Not sawing at the wheel like a madman. Smooth inputs of throttle and wheel, less spastic operation of both things while being sideways. In a word: Control.

Jan 6 2017

Put the goggles on and that is the king mutherfucker booth in all of CES.